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Hiatus Ending

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It’s been a long, painful spring. I lost one of the loves of my life, my kitty J. D. He fought until the very end and we tried everything possible, but the cancer got him. My hubby and best friend were with me as we all said goodbye and he died very peacefully in my arms.

the love of my life

I miss him beyond words and felt a very strange relief at his passing. For the past two years he’s gone downhill little bits at a time, and at the end, he was ready to go. We do have other furbabies to look after; but J. D. was special and sweet. He was my first boy.

Yesterday I spoke to a good friend of mine, a fellow author, who admitted that after his mother died, he’d lost the desire to write at all. I’ve been in this mood as well; even picking up a different hobby to fill the void. Every time I had an idea, it was fleeting at best and never even made it to paper or screen.

Given the past two years, I now understand that this is normal when going through stressful situations, grief, etc. J.D. is gone on to the wonderful afterlife at rainbow bridge and waits for me there. I promised him I’d live my best life here until we meet again and I intend to do just that.

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That said, look for more of me on here, and a return to showing off my books and characters, and even a peek into what is coming next.

I appreciate everyone of you who reads this blog and my books very much!



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Co-Authoring Pros and Cons

How many of you have written (or considered) writing with other authors?

I’ve written over 30 books so far…12 by myself and the rest with four very talented co-authors.


Yes, four. All collaborations that have had their bright spots (and low spots).

Why collaborate at all? Why not just write solo?

I can tell you from experience…writing with others has helped my own craft grow and take on new directions that I’d honestly never considered. My first was a wonderful realist and angsty author. She liked the sexier side of things with a ton of angst. My second is a glorious storyteller…she can weave a tale in five minutes and have you mesmerized. My third is a comic by profession and his tales have me cracking up on every page. The fourth is a dear friend of mine that we wanted to tell a story; it was released, but pulled back for re-tooling.

I’ve been fortunate to have these great people to work with; but not every pairing has a happy ending. The first lady I wrote with we got on great! Pages being written like mad, ideas flying..and then a complete breakdown of communication that I take the sole blame for. This was years ago; but it has helped me not make that same mistake again. Which bring me to my first point:

  • Be clear on your objectives for the book(s)

This is vital! In the planning/plotting phases things go awry. Things change. Be clear on what you want. It may not stay that way, so have an ‘out’ plan too.

  • Find someone who’s writing style is similar to yours

Not a necessity as all three write very differently from myself. My second coauthor is the most similar of them all; but like I said, not a requirement. Genre too, is important. My genre is gay fiction. Almost all of the authors I know write this genre.

  • How well do you handle conflict together? (characters and authors)

This is vital! My first coauthor and I parted ways over a disagreement on the continuation.

  • Be clear on separation of duties (who’s better at editing or outlining)?

I’m awful at editing. Light proofreading I can do; but I”m no editor.

  • Do you agree on publishers, royalties, marketing?

This is easy enough on the royalties; 50/50 split. As for marketing, that should be shared too. As for how to publish, both need to be in agreement as to self-pub or try a publisher.

I love collaborations; like I’ve mentioned, it’s helped me go in totally new directions. Just know that sometimes these things don’t work out. I hope these tips help if you decide to go into co-writing! (collaborations)


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Friday Ramblings





Life is in a bit of a holding pattern for me at the moment; my latest book, Cid, is with a final-check beta reader (who is fabulous) so I can’t wait to get it back and create the pre-orders items (plus the paperback setup).

Also, I go to see a medical person today about my high anxiety. Unless you live with it, or have experienced it, it’s not something you can easily explain. Each sufferer is different. Mine seems to be isolated to driving these days; I went out last night (with hubby as co-pilot) and still, had that tight feeling in my gut.

Otherwise, I have one new book in the works, but after that I am considering using Patreon exclusively to showcase my work. The world of book piracy has me fuming (I found a site where one of mine had over 1,000 copies out there for FREE) can you imagine the royalties lost??? I can, and on that book alone, at $3 a copy, that’s a $2,000 loss to me. Money I deserve for creating that book. The blood, sweat and tears involved.

Oy. OK I’ll go all crazytown if I stay on this topic. So let’s move on.

I will say, this is the first day in a couple of months where I actually feel like working. I made some muffins earlier (of the six, two remain), plus hopefully the muse has not left me for good and I will write again. I feel that’s coming sooner than I think. (thank goodness). I did knit some, and have painted too. Job hunting is in there as well, but after this length of time I wonder if anything will ever break this record.

I know this is a long, rambling post for me…so if you’ve made it this far, thank you!

Today is a nice day out, we had rain yesterday, so the plants look happier. My mood is improving and I hope new meds will boost it even more. My husband and cat are my loves and I spent as much time with them as possible. They are my support system in this strange town since I know few others, and my online family. You rock!

Thank you for reading!




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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 31

31-day blog challengeWahooo! I made it to day 31! I hope everyone has enjoyed these little glimpses into my life. 🙂

Day 31: Weird quirk of mine

Oh my, what a way to end this huh? A weird quirk? I’m not even sure what to put here. LOL  Perhaps too insecure? Or too nervous about everything? Friends that know me, help me out. 🙂

I’ll do another series of these if you’d like…I enjoyed this!


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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 29

31-day blog challengeOK let’s see how consistent I am with this 🙂 I may ‘schedule’ posts for the first time in forever.

Day 29: top things on my bucket list

Travel! With a kitty that needs watching and daily meds, plus no spare income, travel is a dream right now. Ireland and Italy are at the tops of my list, plus the American West.

Also to pen a bestseller is every author’s dream (at least to a point) but not sure of the fame that’d come with it. I’m content to have a great group of fans who love my work.

A different house is definitely on the list and in another region of this country.


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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 28

31-day blog challengeOK let’s see how consistent I am with this 🙂 I may ‘schedule’ posts for the first time in forever.

Day 28: Last time I cried

This is too easy since I am in the throes of peri-menopause at the moment and my hormones are all VERY out of whack. Anything can make me reach the breaking point if it builds up enough. Whether that be writers block, being unproductive, lacking a job stress, lacking money stress…pick a topic.


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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26

31-day blog challengeOK let’s see how consistent I am with this 🙂 I may ‘schedule’ posts for the first time in forever.

Day 26: My five favorite blogs

Oooh, tough one! I’d say these round out my top five (I don’t read a ton of other blogs, but I try to read some at least):

  1. Lifehack
  2. Ladders site for job advice
  3. Quora, while not a blog per se, I get majorly caught up in the discussions
  4. My friends’ blogs…my other snippeteers most of all!
  5. Creative site blogs, for knitting most of all