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Too hot to paint? Not with this sale…

Do you love what you see? I’m on my 12th painting (in two years) and love it! Now you can get kits to recreate the MASTERS of painting,,,like Van Gogh, Monet, Gustav Klimt…etc. There’s even a custom set to create your own, unique painting from a photograph.

Primed and ready canvas shipping from the US. 🙂 Take a break from BBQ and sit indoors with a tall lemonade and start your own work of art. Click below to peruse the site.

Sale!! use code HEROES30

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*this site contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you buy something, but will cost you nothing to look.

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Love to paint?

My affiliate..My Paint by Numbers is having a sale for Cyber Monday! All three of these were bought from the site and painted by yours truly 🙂

Use code CMONDAY20  for $20 off 3 kits plus free shipping too! 


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I hate to break hearts….

But the gig is up…I’ve done…say it with me…Adult Paint by Numbers! Five of them to be precise.

One went to my brother, another proudly hangs in our boudoir, and another hangs in my office.

To even grace the walls in our home with art at all is a massive undertaking and compliment from my husband, who likes the walls barren! I couldn’t take it so I found these and after painstakingly completing them (one took 60 hours, the other 45) they were finished. (These are not the kits you remember from grade school)

Disclosure; Affiliate Link: My Paint by Numbers

If you love art, but don’t think you have talent, or patience, I will tell you for this ADD gal, this calmed me down. I loved watching them come to life!

I hope I inspire you to find one that will grace your walls 🙂