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International Women’s Day!

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Women have made many great strides in the world and we are going to keep going!

I visited with mother today and enjoyed it. She is elderly, but in pretty good health yet. She and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but as the only daughter, tension was bound to happen at some point.

It made me reflect on how different our lives have been. She came from a large family, worked until at almost 40 yrs old, she met my dad, got married, quit work, and had two children. She was a housewife and constant companion for my brother and I. There wasn’t a single missed school or social event for her!

In later years, she did work (after I went to high school). It was more of her social club. She’s never met a stranger she didn’t like…lol. That lasted a few years until she could ‘officially’ retire at 60 yrs old. She’s a proud grandmama now and loves it.

For me…my path was one of working starting at 18, then married at 26, and tossed into a very unstable situation where one or both of us were usually out of work. Then the health issues came, and with it, the obligatory financial issues.

At 42, my world changed completely when my husband outed himself and the marriage ended a year later. I moved away and into a rickety town with no jobs, but a great new husband. The financial woes are off and on, but not nearly what they were with hubby #1.

I never will or have had children, except with four paws and tails. 🙂 My mom told me she wanted four kids…but nature ended her chances in her mid 40’s.

My mom and I have lived such different lives! She has a high school diploma, I have a BS and a Masters degree, she married and had kids, I married and had no kids. She’s the socialite, I can be the introvert (sometimes). We can fight like mad and get under each other’s skin in two seconds flat, but we can also have the best connection ever.

To my mom, and women everywhere!

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Coming December 1st…This Time Around

This Time Around Blurb

This is the sequel to ‘For the Heart of Phillip’. This book was called ‘Refugees’ but this re-release has been edited, a new cover, and a new title. The outcome is the same (for any Refugees fans out there)…

I’m excited to present this and hope you pick up a copy and love it!


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The reviews are in…Cid is a hit!

Ask 26-year-old artist Cid Walker how he’s feeling and you’ll likely get a snarl, or a glare, but not a real answer. Cid’s soul is so damaged from a brutal and savage ex-fiancé that trusting anyone is out of the question.
Two classmates try to get his attention; Barry and Kellen. Barry is only 18 and a very naïve, sweet boy-next-door type who is young, needy, and anxious to get involved with the mysterious artist. He wants to be with Cid more than anything, but his efforts fail.
Kellen, all of 22, is as snarky as Cid is at first, but soon manages to get across to him. Kellen understands why Cid is acting out because Kellen is also keeping his soul and psyche intact with mere Band-Aids after being attacked a few years ago.
Add in a stalker that won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and you have Cid’s life at the moment. Who can get through his broken heart?
***trigger alert*** mention of past sexual assault


Most recent customer reviews

Available now at Amazon, just click the cover photo above 🙂
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Two New Releases!

Two new releases are coming! May 25th pick up book #3 of Ice Fairy (Coming Together) and June 1st get the 2nd installment of Upstaged (Waiting in the Wings)

Ice Fairy 3 is up for pre-order now at Amazon…/…/ref=sr_1_7…

Upstaged 2 is coming soon from Extasy Books. Check out the cover and blurb here:…/

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Due May 25th: Coming Together; Ice Fairy 3

Ice Fairy 3

With Olympic Gold in his possession, Sam is the newest darling of the skating world. Brett does his best to be supportive but the brighter the light shines on his boyfriend; the more he is left in the shadows. Cracks appear and the relationship begins to break down.
Their friends try their best to assist however they can. Their advice and support is crucial when Brett suspects Sam’s creepy agent is up to no good; and even more so when a dastardly plot by Sam’s own father is uncovered.
Can this couple finally come to terms with fame and find the peace they crave? An offer by Ryan and Caleb might provide the answers they seek…if they’re brave enough to take a leap of faith.
Is it too late for Brett and his precious Ice Fairy or can they come together?

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Coming March 30….Upstaged: Opening Act

Wannabe singer and band front man Erik Von Nordgren hates snarky brit Asher Berkley with a passion. From the moment he turns up at practice with his twin sister Daisy, who is one of the band the two have hated each other.
Through a series of ‘tit for tat’ incidents they annoy, frustrate and exasperated each other. The die hard goth with purple eyes and the hard core rocker with dreams of the big time have nothing in common and no need to cross paths. Except to wind each other up.
Until the day that Erik throws Asher in the school pool, when everything begins to change. Erik is so far in closet he’s in Narnia and Asher has a dark past and trust issues that stand in the way of any relationship, let alone one with the brash American who hurts him every time they try to get together.
A relationship doomed from the start, or so you’d think.
Up for pre-order now at Extasy Books