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Writing when your head isn’t in the game


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Picture it…it’s 10 o’clock at night. All is quiet in the house, except for the hum of your computer. Your spouse is asleep, kitty is calm and on his bed. The chores are done for the day…and it’s the perfect time to write, right?

Well, maybe.

I’ve faced this same scenario time and again over the past two months. So far I’ve been able to ‘hammer out’ maybe three pages. Yup.



Edits, at that.

Nothing new, nothing original, despite a folder with 30 documents in it that are all potential stories.

So what’s the problem?

  1. Fatigue. I’ve been my husband’s nurse for over a month now and it’s draining. He’s doing much better; but it’s taken a toll on me having to handle all house items and be his ‘go fetch’ girl too. LOL  Plus, I’ve been looking for an evil day job to support the household while he’s out…to no avail. That in and of itself is exhausting.

2. Nothing’s coming to mind. Granted, I’m doing edits, but if you can’t think of what               you want to change the dialogue to or the scene…then you’re dead in the water.

3. No focus. This goes hand-in-hand with fatigue and tension. I’m worn out over worries of jobs, money, medical issues (both hubby and kitty). I cannot indulge in any retail therapy, (oh boy the art supplies I’d buy)! At least I have knitting, since my mother requested a scarf and pair of mittens. I finished the scarf and one mitten, now to do the other.

How do you break out of such a long slump? I sit down to work and the distraction of the social media, marketing, games all spring to mind first.

I’d love your feedback 🙂


Talk to any writer or read any number of writing blogs and you will likely find one universal fear: the dreaded phenomenon of writer’s block — that moment when your brain goes blank and a great chasm opens up between your head and your fingers. Thankfully, I can say I never have writer’s block. Never. […]

via How to outwit writer’s block … — M.K.B. GRAHAM, author of CAIRNAERIE

How to outwit writer’s block … — M.K.B. GRAHAM, author of CAIRNAERIE

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Slowed to a Crawl…

Hmm, let’s see. The calendar says Spring. The weather say..not yet. Oh wait, for a few days, but then I’ll change my mind. Mommy Nature seems like she’s going through ‘the change’. LOL

My own life is going through changes, just not fast enough for my liking.

Job hunting is the WORST. Seriously. In the olden days (cue the covered wagons) you’d find a job listing, send a resume, they’d call, you’d interview maybe one or two people, and know by a couple of days.

Even better was temping. You’d sign up with them, call in as ready, and usually every Friday I’d get a call that said you start such n such gig on Monday. No interviews, no drug tests, no anything extraneous.

It was a seller’s market.

Now? It’s a buyers market…the buyer being the employer.

I think technology has made us all yearn for things to be faster, to move along quicker, or just pick up the pace. It has, to some extent…but not in the right ways.

Things in ‘social media’ have become scarier by the day and job hunting has become more impersonable by the minute. Soon, we really will have AI scanning resumes to see if this human is a good match. Take people out of the equation all together.

I have a small rant about recruiters in general, but it’s not their fault. They do what they’re told, to meet a quota on sales. While we’re on quotas…oh. Don’t get me started. I don’t check enough boxes to matter.

Sighhh I know this is half rant and half mindless, I’m tired, middle-aged, and worn down by the new ‘process’ and the ‘system’. I’m an author, a writer since childhood. That is my love…I write for the love of writing. If I make a $1 or a million $$$ I’m happy someone read my stories…a bonus if they leave a lovely review.

Bottomline? I’m not even sure. I’m just slowed to a crawl.