Upstaged: The Series

Book 3: Duet

There’s nothing like a wedding to bring out the best—and the worst—in people.

Billy and Vince are getting married. The Von is taking time off to celebrate and the gang are all together, with a few additions.

The Caliendo family make quite an impression, especially Cousin Angel, but it’s Connor’s new boyfriend, Shaun who really takes the biscuit. Fists fly, but that’s par for the course in an Italian wedding, isn’t it?

When the dust settles, a tentative relationship begins that might finally give Angel what he’s always dreamed of – acceptance and love.

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Book 2: Waiting in the Wings

The Von are on their way.  With a recording contract under their belt and a tour opening for a popular band, the world is at their feet.  For those left behind prospects are not so bright, especially with someone trying so hard to break them apart.

With the spotlight on The Von, no one sees the evil waiting in the wings until it’s too late.

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Book One: Opening Act


Wannabe singer and band front man Erik Von Nordgren hates snarky brit Asher Berkley with a passion. From the moment he turns up at practice with his twin sister Daisy, who is one of the band the two have hated each other.

Through a series of ‘tit for tat’ incidents they annoy, frustrate and exasperated each other. The die hard goth with purple eyes and the hard core rocker with dreams of the big time have nothing in common and no need to cross paths. Except to wind each other up.

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