My furbabies!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore cats. I’ve had three so far in my life, and each has taught me so much about caring for these adorable creatures.

My little girl passed a year ago Feb 20th and I’ll never forget her. Cali was fiesty, small, vocal, and nuts. She was also precious and a lover when she wanted to be. She was almost 19 years old when her kidneys shut down and ended her time with us.

cats 025

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Jack…my big boy tuxedo. He’s my first boy ever and I’m hooked on how loving he is! He’s very laid back, a cuddler, but not a lap cat. He’s 19 lbs so he’d crush my lap anyway LOL.  He’s my sugarbaby being a diabetic and takes insulin shots like a champ.

cats 041

I do know one thing…I’ll always have a cat. I’m allergic to Jack’s dander..but don’t let that misnomer fool you! It’s a certain protein in the cat’s saliva that causes the reaction. Mine isn’t that bad. Cali I had zero reaction to. So it’s all in the kitty.  Either way, accept the unconditional love these furry beasts offer; they’ve gotten me through some very tough times.