Ranch Hands ; Ranch Hands 2: Jerry’s Season


The story of Sid the farmer, who has been wronged in every possible way. He’s broke, his fields are fallow, and his heart is shattered.

Enter Roger, a young man just out of a situation.

The two men have friction and tension, but it finally culminates into a series of revelations and no more secrets between the two. They finally reap the benefits of what they have sown.

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Ranch Hands by S.L. Danielson is an exceptional book.  It is the story of two men mistreated by past lovers willing to take a chance on real love.  Sid Rosen is a 34 year old rancher who inherited financial trouble with his father’s ranch.  Roger Laramie is a younger man fresh from an abusive relationship and whose heart is as big as all outdoors.  When these two men’s lives come together to save Sid’s ranch so do their hearts.  The passion each feels for the other begins as a banked fire but as they get to know one another that fire begins to grow.  This story is not science fiction or paranormal it is a story of redemption, understanding, trusting and above all these love.  When Sid and Roger finally open their hearts to one another and confess their love the reader begins to see where this extraordinary, everyday life, couple are headed and that is of course to their happily ever after.   **As a side note, each man has a dog and each of these animals is treated with love, affection and kindness.  It was an extra treat to find the master/pet combination so well presented.   Reviewed by  Johanna Snodgrass


RH2 200300

Jerry Evans is the kind of guy that everybody thinks of as bad news—he’s the town lush, local druggie, and town whore all in one. But one good deed changes everything. After he saves Roger Laramie’s life, Jerry decides to reinvent himself. If he can be the man he once was, maybe he can find the man of his dreams. When his first love unexpectedly returns, Jerry realizes he never stopped loving Patrick. But will he ever be good enough for him? And will the threat that looms over the town tear apart any chance he has of redemption? Will this truly be Jerry’s season?

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Ranch Hands Two: Jerry’s Season, by S.L. Danielson, is one of those fast moving, well written works of m/m fiction that brings the reader as close to the characters as the characters are to themselves, which isn’t an easy thing to do. Jerry is likeable, and yet layered with complicity. But S.L. Danielson makes it all look so effortless. With a neat, compact, smart writing style that I personally love, the story moves forward with a nice even pace. And once the reader becomes involved it’s difficult to put this book down. 

–Ryan Field