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Books Under Construction

construction  Oh yes, construction. Rework, redo, refurbish, you name it. If you go to my page on Amazon, you will notice several titles now missing…why?

  1. They need a makeover. Not just lipstick and mascara, but a full-face makeover worthy of a Kardashian!
  2. They will be put into box sets. Most of my works are series (if you can tell from my tabs). People love to get a bargain, so I will be working those into box sets.
  3. There will be paperbacks! Who doesn’t miss the sweet smell of the pages or the joyous sound of those pages flicking by, or perhaps the feel of a glossy cover. I miss it! I’m sure readers do too, so when these are refreshed, they will be all be available in physical form.
  4. I am diverting my focus to newer works that are coming out a faster pace than I can currently handle (as well as the market). All good things in time.

That’s just the beginning, but I won’t divulge it all now. The best I can say is…stay tuned. 🙂

Thank you for your support!

Cheers, Steph

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Coming Oct 13th! Southern Comfort: Truth and Consequences

Not telling the truth has its own consequences!
In the wake of the Halloween lock-in, a rift has opened among the friends, brought about by Mark’s inability to be honest with them, as well as himself. Todd reaches out to Blake and Clay, and a stronger friendship is forged. Mark misses his boyfriend, but even more so when a new student named Taylor arrives on the scene, and it appears that Taylor and Todd might be more than just friends. 

Clay’s about to turn nineteen and his father is throwing a party—one he fully intends to wriggle out of, until Travis invites all his friends and he’s caught. An uninvited guest brings out a side of Clay nobody knew existed, one that threatens to shake the peace of New Liberty.
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Ice Fairy 2: Decisions is finally here!

Sam is at a crossroads. At one end he has the defeat of not going to the Olympics; his life’s dream. On the other end however, is Brett; who has taken command of his heart. 
Right in the middle is a myriad of decisions to be made. First and foremost is college or the agonizing option of trying for the Olympics again. Both would be grueling and both would not allow Sam much time with his Brett. 
Will things heat up just to cool off and go down in a blaze of glory for Sam? Or will they stay the course for the young figure skater? 
It’s time to make some decisions.

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The Ice Fairy cometh!

After five months off the market; I had re-introduced the first book in my Ice Fairy series!

Look for many more to come, as I have written five books so far; with much more of Sam, Brett, Amber, along with their parents and some new people to meet along the way.

I hope you take a moment to check out my story on this Thanksgiving Eve.

Exclusively at Amazon

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Stephanie L. Danielson

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I am thrilled to announce….

Coming January 24th; my first solo book in over two years will be released (and my first inter-racial book to boot)!

I present…Ice Fairy!

The story of Sam (Samuru) Ogawa, a figure skater who is training towards his dreams of Olympic Gold; but there’s a fly in the ointment. A big, blond, brash boy named Brett Zephyr to be precise. They get along like fire and ice; until things off the ice start to heat up.

Coming January 24th to Smashwords, Amazon, and All Romance Ebooks.
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Coming soon…Ice Fairy!

After over two years of being on the ‘drawing board’; my story of a figure skater will come to life by January and I’m very excited to talk about it 🙂

Ice Fairy is the story of Sam (Samuru) Ogawa; a Japanese-American figure skater who has his eyes and dreams firmly set on Olympic gold.

Unfortunately, someone else’s eyes are firmly set on him; those being Brett Zephyr, the hockey player with the irritating girlfriend and a push or shove for anyone else.

On a normal day at the rink, Sam and Brett’s world collide, literally. Even though they are classmates; they’ve never spoken and have never been in the same circles. But things are all about to change when life takes a drastic, cutting turn for one of the boys.

Look for it soon (there will be a big announcement for sure)!

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Upstaged! Now with Book #2 and re-release of #1

Welcome! I have exciting new about the Upstaged series. It has gone over to Romance First Publishing, and in the process, gotten a very thorough edit and cleanup and has been re-released. (Book #1)

Therefore: I am excited to announce Opening Act and the second book as well, Waiting in the Wings, are now available at multiple outlets.

For all the information, please visit, where they are also up for sale as pdf files.

Other locations for them are: Amazon, Smashwords, and All Romance Ebooks the live links are below the book covers.

Smashwords   AllRomanceEbooks  Amazon

Smashwords  AllRomanceEbooks

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New Release! Aftermath…Southern Comfort #3

Available at:


In the aftermath of the Homecoming Dance, a great rift has grown between Mark and Blake, one that was begun with the refusal of a dance. New alliances are strengthened and old ones reinforced. Mark makes his choice and moves out of the Davis home, back to George’s house… and Todd. Clay does his best to give Blake what he needs, even if it entails staying with Mark. Todd’s mother steps in to nurse George back to health, and that bond only deepens. Will Mark do what he just told Blake he couldn’t, and give Todd his ring? Will Clay show Blake that he’s the better man? And will new student Taylor Andrews throw a monkey wrench into Mark’s plans for Todd?

Who will survive the aftermath, and what will the new alliances be?

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Book #2 of the Southern Comfort series….

Trouble is growing in Paradise, as Mark moves away from Blake and toward Todd. How can love survive when fear gets in the way? Things get complicated as Todd encourages Mark to spend time with him, behind Blake’s back. It’s a good thing Blake has Clay to fall back on, to be his rock as Mark slips away from him. The tale of the tape is going to be the Homecoming Dance. But first there’s the matter of the class rings…

Available at:

No Boundaries Press


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The first book in the Southern Comfort Series by myself and Julie Lynn Hayes!

Boredom at the Junior Prom leads to a dare that leads to a kiss between two seventeen year old boys. Being gay in rural Georgia is no picnic. As circumstances force them together, Mark and Blake uncover truths about themselves, embarking on a daring relationship. But they’ve got one major strike against them already—Mark is unwilling to come out about his sexuality, and Blake doesn’t want to live in a closet.

Can they fan the flames of their relationship, or will it sputter and die?

Available at:

No Boundaries Press