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Voltron is done :(

No spoilers here, but I teased myself a lot and read the spoilers ahead of time (I hate surprises).

Let’s just say that I was still shocked at how emotional I got when the end came! I heard of this anime a year ago and was sucked into it faster than a speck of light to a black hole. And never came out again.

I’m a Voltron LD fan for good…despite the fandom (which at times) is a bit toooo crazed. (petitions anyone)? It’s still a cartoon. Let’s keep things in perspective, shall we?

I’m still hoping for a sequel…Coran’s early life? Shiro’s new life? What happens to the Lions and the Garrison now?

Hubby and I are seeking out new anime to binge-watch of the same caliber as this show…any suggestions?


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Voltron last season…sigh


Noooooo! How can it be so? After eight seasons my recently (last year) discovered addiction will end. 😦

I haven’t seen a single episode of season eight just yet, but I did read some spoilers…which I won’t share. I know how part of it ends at least; but the fun part will be seeing how it gets there.

I’ll miss this show. I fell in love with the fan art and started making my own. I painted, drew, posted, etc. I have several whole boards on Pinterest dedicated to Voltron; including a lot of favorite ‘ships’. (couples that the fandom wants to put together).

After this ends I’m hoping for a new series, that this will go the way of Star Trek (TOS) and be renewed again or maybe a couple of movies? Spinoffs? We’re on the what sixth version of Star Trek now? Let’s see those brains stretch just a little more.

To all my fellow fandom members, it’s been an honor serving with you. Later, Paladudes.



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2018! New marriage, books, and insights

Happy New Year all! It is the dawning of a brand new year…can you believe it’s 2018??? Where has all the time gone?
The older I get, the faster it goes.

So, with the start of a new year, I am drawing up my guidebook for the year; a little hint I got from an organization site on FB. To sketch out what you want to accomplish for this year. So…here goes.

First, new marriage 🙂  We are nearly three months in and still very happy.  I lost my job (as is usual in my lines of work) but we remain strong and committed. I toss out ideas and he likes them; but he is highly conventional and thinks sticking with established lines of work will pay the bills.
While I agree, I have my goals and dreams of having my art and creativity pay at least some of it.
Otherwise, we are a crazy happy couple taking care of our elderly cats and parents. 🙂

Second, my books!  In a few days Southern Comfort 5 will be released; the last in the series. 
Also, the first volume of Upstaged is on its final round of edits!  Looks for that soon 🙂
A major plus…I came back to Gay Authors site with a book that was written last century (omg) but has been edited and even has a cover; but I wanted feedback first. WOW am I ever getting great comments! I hope the rest hold up and this puppy will go up for sale, hopefully to delight the many who are not on GA.

Lastly; my insights into the new year. As many know, I do not ever post politics or religion; and I won’t start. I’ll just put out there that things are a hot mess, but they have been for a very long time and it would take more than a mortal man to fix things. Humans are greatly unchanged at their base levels and I pine for the world of Star Trek, where things seem to be much better. (call it a fiction-lovers fantasy).

My goals for this year beyond the books are to: find a day job to pay the bills (in my state), knit (for profit and non alike)…release a coloring book for adults, and to begin to sketch again to my newest love, Voltron.

What are your goals and aspirations?

Good luck and Happy New Year!