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Happy Thanksgiving!

Ah yes, the famed “Turkey Day” a/k/a the day before Black Friday, or a day off work (unless you’re in retail, sadly)… or just a day to kick back in a recliner after consuming a week’s worth of calories and watch football.

I will admit, this year Thanksgiving doesn’t mean as much to me and my family as it did; given that we’ve just had a death in the family (father-in-law)… no one is in that holiday mood per se; and I don’t blame them.

Still; it is an opportunity to take stock of what we should be grateful for; life. We are here and alive and mostly healthy (cough, cough):) But we are grateful for having known him and shared in his life, up until the very end. We will never forget everything he did for us.

I am extremely blessed to still have both of my parents, and that they are healthy and thankful that I can be with them this day.

I wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving and pray that everyone takes a step back from the sales ads and takes stock for what truly matters in life.


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Now Available! Southern Comfort #4…T & C

Southern Comfort #4…Truth and Consequences

from No Boundaries Press

In the wake of the Halloween lock-in, a rift has opened up among the friends, brought about by Mark’s inability to be honest with them, as well as himself. Todd reaches out to Blake and Clay, and a stronger friendship is formed. Mark misses his boyfriend, but even more so when a new student named Taylor arrives on the scene, and it appears that Taylor and Todd might be more than just friends.

Clay’s about to turn eighteen and his father is throwing a party—one he fully intends to wriggle out of, until Travis invites all his friends and he’s caught. An uninvited guest brings out a side of Clay nobody knew existed, one that threatens to shake up the peace of New Liberty.

Not telling the truth has its own consequences!

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Hello! My life has been full of decision-making of late. At work, I make small ones every day; as I work in the accounting field, but must disseminate tiny numbers and see if it all adds up.

Then there is writing, and schoolwork…big decision to be made as to which to pursue. (grins); but I have deadlines on both; which add to the lovely pressure.

Otherwise, there is the company business, and an odd question to ask… I’ve noticed that m/f material does not move nearly as much as the m/m material, and I have to ponder, why is that?

Is it because I am known as a m/m author myself? It’s possible.

Is it because I don’t know many groups that carry ‘mainstream’ material? Perhaps.

This is the quandry that faces me now. I have submissions waiting; and they are both m/f.

I want to believe that every book will sell, based on the story. I accept great stories (I wouldn’t if I hated them)… but that’s beside the point.

Is the readership based solely on gender? I know my hubby doesn’t come near my works; because it is m/m, yet my own father was able to handle reading it, because he loved the way I told the story.

So, what’s the approach to take, you think? Find new groups that handle more mainstream works, or not accept and do m/m only?

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Hop Against Homophobia

Hello, this is S. L. (Steph) Danielson and this is my reason for joining the Hop Against Homophobia.

I have all kinds of friends, from my early, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, you name it. Everything under the LGBTQ umbrella. Many have changed my life forever, in very, very good ways…which is one reason I write the genre I do.

In my opinion, homophobia is like any other phobia…if you break down the word, it’s fear. Plain and simple. Fear of anything or anyone different than ourselves.

I grew up in a small town in West Virginia… we had one black kid in our entire school, so diversity was certainly not something I grew up learning. Anything or anyone different was not discussed favorably in our household, if at all. It was a very homogenous environment, where everything was the same, nothing changed.

Then we moved to an enormous city where everything changed. When I was 16, I met my first ever openly-gay friend. His name was Daniel, and of course I had a crush on him at first, but I simply enjoyed his company, and being his friend. It never mattered to me at all that he was gay.

He is part of what inspired what I write today. Male/Male romantic fiction, where they are loved and respected, and treated no differently than all the other people I know. Today I have not only over a dozen books, and fans who love how real the characters are, but support (in a sense) from my family….(but at a distance). That isn’t real support in my head, my mother thinks I was brainswashed, and my father, though a fan, thinks that being gay is ‘sick’.

To me, being gay is not at all sick, to me you are born that way and it is part of who that person is. It doesn’t matter to me at all, I’ll still be their friend. Skin color, eye color, nationality, religion….sexual orientation. Doesn’t matter. I was raised Catholic but am at heart a Christian, who loves all of God’s children.

My final word on homophobia? It’s an excuse. No more excuses. People are people. Treat everyone the same.