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When the magic feels gone…

It’s been over two months now since I’ve written or edited a word in my books. Nothing cleaned up, nothing new, no ideas outlined.


Is the magic gone? Has the will to write left me?

No. It’s still there; but it lies dormant for now as I struggle to find the energy and commitment that I once had.

Does this sound familiar to you? How do you break up writer’s block that’s as thick as ice on a Chicago lake?


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Which decade of your life was the worst?

So last night I was reminded of just how bad things were in my life a decade ago when I was in my mid 30s. It was a very rough time and I would never go back. It got me to thinking if I had the chance would I repeat them? The answer is a resounding no.

How about you? Which was your worst decade and why and would you ever repeat it?A lot of us have crazy childhoods and there can be a very stressful firstdecade or two. However adulthood has its own adventures and can lead to some of the worst years of our lives.

Personally for me my 30s were the worst ever. I was in a crazy marriage which had constant struggles between medical, financial, family, death, job issues,

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and mental anguish. I wouldn’t ever choose to relive them.

On the flipside, my 40s have been far and above what my 30s were. They’ve had their ups and downs but so far so good.

How about you? Which was your worst decade and why and would you ever repeat it?


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Getting Down to Business…


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Procrastination. It’s the bane of my existence. I have soooo much free time on my hands I don’t know how to fill my days.

Well. I do.


I’m just such a procrastinator that I fill it with the wrong things. Like…FaceBook, Pinterest, etc…etc…doing aimless research on things that have nothing to do with my books.

Sound familiar?

I’m job-searching (and redoing resume daily it seems) all to appease the ATS systems. Sigh. I get recruiters emailing and calling for the same job (one listing has sent five recruiters to me, wow they are desperate)!

Otherwise, I’m a housewife and cat mother. I take care of home and kitty to the best of my ability, despite despising cleaning. LOL My games eat up a lot of time (I’m soo addicted) plus knitting, or the aforementioned internet addiction.

How do I stop? How do I structure my day again? I need to make some hard and fast rules on what my time should be spent doing.

What works for you?

Reminders? Outlook/Gmail? I need a clock to go off and yank my phone away, open my book that I need to work on, and yell out, ‘work on this for one hour’!

Wouldn’t that be cool?

So…as I wile away this time writing out my frustration with procrastination and my consternation with aforementioned issues…I bid you adiue…

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Battling depression and doubt

As I write this, I should be finishing up the edits on a re-release of mine. Note I said “should-be”. I should also be creating the paintings I’ve been yammering about for months, knitting for my family and kitty, plus volunteer shelter knitting…plus 100 other little things that I just haven’t the energy or motivation to dive into.

Sound familiar?

This is all too common for me lately though I have my good days where I kill it with the edits; but the comments make me doubt my own writing. “This sucks! Why did I write it this badly?” kind of moments are constant.

Then there’s all the other things I want to do beyond crafts like job-hunt (a need not a want)…visit family, play games, etc. etc.  No mojo means no go.


My hubby is old school and says to just ‘force myself’. That doesn’t work for me. He’s never understood what depression really does to a person. So no, forcing it doesn’t help.

My parents are also no help (but I love them dearly) to where it’s the ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality…just fine from folks who grew up in THE depression. Not so valid now.

So…what to do?

Well, I write it out. I’m a writer, it’s what I do. I’ve filled over four pages so far with thoughts on the issues; but no real solutions come to mind. I just don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Short of hiring Chewbacca or a droid to assist me with that; not gonna happen so easily.

(Though if Coran came in I’d consider it). LOL

OK jokes aside, how do you get going and through your days? I’m finding things going at a snails pace, even slower than that sometimes….what do you do to motivate yourself?

I’d love some advice.



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Where do you….????

Find names for your characters? I’ve read loads of books and have always wondered where the names come from.

Are they family names? Television or movie inspired? Heritage-toned?

Mine are all of the above. Plus sometimes I seek help from either a baby name book or a particular heritage’s website for genuine names. Or even religious/biblical names.

For example, in Ranch Hands, Sid is for Sidney, Austrailia. Roger was a coworker’s name. Jerry is for Jerry Springer.

Another example is For the Heart of Phillip, Phillip with the 2 L’s is uncommon, and that’s why I liked it. Robert of course, Andrew, David…all biblical names and/or kings. I will often use royalty/biblical/family/heritage-driven names first over anything contemporary.

How about you? Do you follow the baby name trends and use their list or make up your own?