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Early Present! This Time Around now available…

I’m a bit embarrassed…lol. I have Amazon KDP and used the old Refugees slot…well, that book dated back to 2011. So I couldn’t set up a pre-release…long story short, This Time Around is available now for 99 cents!

For less than a can of cranberry sauce or a box of stuffing mix, you can enjoy this redone tale of how Robert and David survive in the aftermath of ‘For the Heart of Phillip’ (book 1)

This Time Around BlurbThis Time Around 1

Now at Amazon  (more sites soon)


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I want to apologize for the barrage of emails that happened every time I changed a page or post. I intended to turn it off, but didn’t know how until yesterday. So, I apologize again for the inundations of emails! From now on, only new posts will trigger an email.

Thank you for your patience and support 🙂