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Tuesday Musings: Snow

For some, a four-letter-word, but for me it’s a word with four letters.

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It’s a cold day here and we are waiting for snow. Though; that said, the weather folks have it on their prediction map for a week, it takes a day to fall, and 10 seconds to melt; usually the next day. LOL

I love snow. Ever since I was a kid growing up in the foothills of the Appalachians and getting foot-deep snows; I’ve loved it.

There’s just something magical about watching the big flakes fly and softly, noiselessly, covering everything with their crisp, white, cold blanket. It silences everything and all the ugliness is suddenly brightened and beautified.

Now, driving in it is quite another issue; and I’ve seen and been in my share of fishtailing, sliding, and avoiding being T-boned. It’s maddening! But once you’re safely home and are with loved ones; it is a wonderful feeling.