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Six weeks out…

Hi everyone!

I’ve been squeezing time in to write on my blog lately, and social media has taken a nosedive…because I’ve been playing nurse to my hubby who had knee surgery six weeks ago.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been six weeks…more like three months or longer! The first week was crazy and flew by and I was so exhausted that I just fell into bed.

Now…he is doing better, but not fully recovered just yet. I still do some chores for him and offer to do more just because I know his pain level isn’t where it should be. 😦

The bright spot to this is that I’ve been out of work so I could stay home full-time and look after him. Admittedly, we’ve hit spots where we start to grumble at each other a little bit just because we’re cooped up together so much!

Have you ever taken care of a family member after surgery? What was it like? Exhausting? Rewarding? Did you want to strangle or cuddle them? (I’ve felt both)…lol. Right now it’s reciprocating nicely as my long-overdue medical visits are being attended to as well and he’s by my side every time.

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Which decade of your life was the worst?

So last night I was reminded of just how bad things were in my life a decade ago when I was in my mid 30s. It was a very rough time and I would never go back. It got me to thinking if I had the chance would I repeat them? The answer is a resounding no.

How about you? Which was your worst decade and why and would you ever repeat it?A lot of us have crazy childhoods and there can be a very stressful firstdecade or two. However adulthood has its own adventures and can lead to some of the worst years of our lives.

Personally for me my 30s were the worst ever. I was in a crazy marriage which had constant struggles between medical, financial, family, death, job issues,

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and mental anguish. I wouldn’t ever choose to relive them.

On the flipside, my 40s have been far and above what my 30s were. They’ve had their ups and downs but so far so good.

How about you? Which was your worst decade and why and would you ever repeat it?


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Early Present! This Time Around now available…

I’m a bit embarrassed…lol. I have Amazon KDP and used the old Refugees slot…well, that book dated back to 2011. So I couldn’t set up a pre-release…long story short, This Time Around is available now for 99 cents!

For less than a can of cranberry sauce or a box of stuffing mix, you can enjoy this redone tale of how Robert and David survive in the aftermath of ‘For the Heart of Phillip’ (book 1)

This Time Around BlurbThis Time Around 1

Now at Amazon  (more sites soon)


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Friday Ramblings





Life is in a bit of a holding pattern for me at the moment; my latest book, Cid, is with a final-check beta reader (who is fabulous) so I can’t wait to get it back and create the pre-orders items (plus the paperback setup).

Also, I go to see a medical person today about my high anxiety. Unless you live with it, or have experienced it, it’s not something you can easily explain. Each sufferer is different. Mine seems to be isolated to driving these days; I went out last night (with hubby as co-pilot) and still, had that tight feeling in my gut.

Otherwise, I have one new book in the works, but after that I am considering using Patreon exclusively to showcase my work. The world of book piracy has me fuming (I found a site where one of mine had over 1,000 copies out there for FREE) can you imagine the royalties lost??? I can, and on that book alone, at $3 a copy, that’s a $2,000 loss to me. Money I deserve for creating that book. The blood, sweat and tears involved.

Oy. OK I’ll go all crazytown if I stay on this topic. So let’s move on.

I will say, this is the first day in a couple of months where I actually feel like working. I made some muffins earlier (of the six, two remain), plus hopefully the muse has not left me for good and I will write again. I feel that’s coming sooner than I think. (thank goodness). I did knit some, and have painted too. Job hunting is in there as well, but after this length of time I wonder if anything will ever break this record.

I know this is a long, rambling post for me…so if you’ve made it this far, thank you!

Today is a nice day out, we had rain yesterday, so the plants look happier. My mood is improving and I hope new meds will boost it even more. My husband and cat are my loves and I spent as much time with them as possible. They are my support system in this strange town since I know few others, and my online family. You rock!

Thank you for reading!




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In Memoriam…

My precious little Cali lost the fight Tuesday morning after a long, touch-n-go weekend that included an ER vet and her regular vet.  She had just turned 18.

End stage kidney disease, hyperthyroid (newly discovered) and high glucose was too much for this little angel. She weighed only 6 lbs as it was. When it was the end, she weighed 5.

This little darling meant the world to all of us (both my ex hubby and current) and myself. She was a very vocal, lively, moody, silly, adorable, beautiful girl and she will be missed beyond description.

If you have furbabies, let them know what they mean to you now, in this life. I am wracked with guilt over every time I got frustrated or missed a sign…but she is in the best place possible now and knows how much we loved her.

Rest in Peace, Cali! I await you over the Rainbow Bridge