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Don’t spit in my drink!

An EXCERPT from ICE FAIRY by S. L. Danielson

So many people thought that they were an item, but nothing could be further from the truth. They were the best of pals, on and off the ice, but that was all. Sam’s heart lay along a different destiny, one which his parents did not know about, nor his coach. It was hell not being able to tell them he was gay; not even in a sport where a few of the other boys were as well, but he dared not speak about it. He’d found solace in Amber being the only one to know, and it was enough for him. At least for now. A gentle whack was felt on his arm and he turned to see Amber grinning at him. “Buy you a soda if you want. I don’t have an apple for the teacher.”

He rolled his eyes. “Oh, no thanks. I’m good. I’ve got my water bottle over there. Too much soda will keep me up too late and give me cavities. Can’t have that.”

“Oh, heavens no,” she agreed and after a quick push-off on her blade, she was gone.

Sam let out a deep sigh. It’d been quite the January afternoon with Amber there. Just the two of them… and the few dozen other skaters who fought their way around the oval like they were on a cold treadmill. The oval was never enough for him; he had to do more.

A sudden wave of boisterous voices broke his silent reverie as he nearly slipped from the prep for a scratch spin.  Oh shit, he thought as he saw what they were wearing. It was the hockey players… what he called the ‘demons’ of the ice. They left ruts so deep he’d requested the Zamboni nearly scrap the surface down to the base. He dug his toe pick in, fists balled, and snatched his water bottle from the top of the wall before the rude, crude boys could make their way over to it and knock it over, or maybe spit in it. 

You won’t touch my bottle, oh hell no. Why did they have to share the ice with these assholes? Why couldn’t they have an entire rink devoted the athleticism and beauty of figure skating and not the boorish, blood sport show that hockey was. What was the whole point of it anyway? To see how many fist fights one could get into in a single game? Sam shuddered at the thought. He’d seen these games in action and the teeth flying out of their mouths. No thanks.

As the boys passed by, a few called out to him as he stood by the wall and drank his water; he retreated the closer they came. “Takin’ a break, Sammy boy? I’m sure that’s such hard work, huh?” One of the boys started harassing Sam. He looked over his shoulder at his chuckling brethren.

Sam didn’t respond but continued drinking. He wished they’d just go away and leave him alone.

“Hey, where’s your hottie, Sammy?” another asked, obviously referring to Amber. He wanted to reply, but why give them what they wanted by responding?

After most of the line passed, carrying their enormous overstuffed bags and spitting randomly into the seating area, Sam glanced up and saw someone he kinda knew, unfortunately. It was that big kid, Brett Z…something. He could never remember last names of the people who got on his nerves. His parents had worked with him to remember names, but he still had a tough time with it. Like now.

As the tall, built blond passed by, Sam caught his eye briefly – that was a mistake. Brett stiffened and shot him a look back. “What the fuck are you lookin’ at, ice fairy boy? You just go about your little twirls and shit. This is a man’s sport.” He held up his bag and slapped it, fairly snarling like a grizzly bear afterwards.

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Three lovely reviews for Ice Fairy 3: Coming Together



I am over the moon with how lovely people can be with reviews 🙂  Enjoy!

Top customer reviews

Amy Dufera

May 25, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition
This is book 3 of Sam and Brett’s story. And I loved it.

There is so much about their tough times that are realistic. Sam has won an Olympic medal and is now becoming a star. Sam is definitely enjoying his new-found fame, with an agent who is very aggressive and keeping Sam busy. This takes a toll on his relationship with Brett, as cracks are formed. Sam’s new schedule of appearances is preventing him from spending much time with Brett, let alone devoting time to him while they are together. Brett can’t take much more of this treatment. He is not liking this new, prima-dona version of Sam.

During this time, they are faced with problems from Sam’s agent, as well as his dad. Their friends are both helpful and hurtful throughout this time. And they get a hot offer from their friends Ryan and Caleb.

I really enjoyed this latest installment in Sam and Brett’s story. They are a great couple who have to face very realistic challenges that have the power to separate them. I absolutely found myself wanting to slap some sense into Sam, which was sad, but it proves how well this was written. I found his attitude to be such a sudden thing, but it made sense given there was a time jump from book 2 to this book.

They fact that they don’t function well when apart is just beautiful. I absolutely adore the way they are as a couple – how they ground each other and comfort each other.

Seriously, I love this book and highly recommend it!

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Patricia Nelson

May 25, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition
On the surface, Sam and Brett appear to have it all. Sam is basking in his post-Olympic glory, and Brett is going to college working towards his own dreams. Underneath, major cracks are starting to form, and there are those who are more than willing to break Sam and Brett apart forever. It’s going to take a miracle, and a very unconventional proposal from friends to keep the fairytale alive. I was absolutely riveted by this fantastic, bittersweet, poignant, sexy, and emotionally charged tale. I highly recommend reading all three books in the Ice Fairy series in order.
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May 26, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition
Time and Olympic fame have changed the dynamic between Sam and Brett and they are close to the breaking point. Drifting apart due to time, loss of connection due to Sam’s attitude and Brett’s since of loss of their relationship is heartbreaking. They have friends that help with the best offer possible and they do find their way back to each other and to being stronger than ever.

This is a very steamy and very engaging story that will keep you reading. The writing is good and the characters are realistic and well done.

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Five days to go…til Ice Fairy 3; Coming Together

With Olympic Gold in his possession, Sam is the newest darling of the skating world. Brett does his best to be supportive but the brighter the light shines on his boyfriend; the more he is left in the shadows. Cracks appear and the relationship begins to break down.
Their friends try their best to assist however they can. Their advice and support is crucial when Brett suspects Sam’s creepy agent is up to no good; and even more so when a dastardly plot by Sam’s own father is uncovered.
Can this couple finally come to terms with fame and find the peace they crave? An offer by Ryan and Caleb might provide the answers they seek…if they’re brave enough to take a leap of faith.
Is it too late for Brett and his precious Ice Fairy or can they come together?

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Ice Fairy 2: Decisions is finally here!

Sam is at a crossroads. At one end he has the defeat of not going to the Olympics; his life’s dream. On the other end however, is Brett; who has taken command of his heart. 
Right in the middle is a myriad of decisions to be made. First and foremost is college or the agonizing option of trying for the Olympics again. Both would be grueling and both would not allow Sam much time with his Brett. 
Will things heat up just to cool off and go down in a blaze of glory for Sam? Or will they stay the course for the young figure skater? 
It’s time to make some decisions.

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Ice Fairy now available!

Samuru (Sam) Ogawa is on track to be in his life’s dream…the Olympics as a figure-skater. All is gliding along smoothly until he literally bumps into one of the biggest bullies he’s ever met; a hockey player named Brett Zephyr. He’s well known for being a brash, hot-headed, caveman who thinks about nothing but hockey and his bimbo girlfriend.
Things are tense and the walls between them build until unforeseen events begin to break the ice between them. But as the coolness melts away; other players come in to build them back as quickly as they fell. Family forces, friends, and secrets threaten to destroy all they’ve created.
Can Sam and Brett make things work or are they just too opposite? Can a figure skater find true love with a hockey player?

Available now at
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I am thrilled to announce….

Coming January 24th; my first solo book in over two years will be released (and my first inter-racial book to boot)!

I present…Ice Fairy!

The story of Sam (Samuru) Ogawa, a figure skater who is training towards his dreams of Olympic Gold; but there’s a fly in the ointment. A big, blond, brash boy named Brett Zephyr to be precise. They get along like fire and ice; until things off the ice start to heat up.

Coming January 24th to Smashwords, Amazon, and All Romance Ebooks.