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Happy Halloween!

Ghosts, goblins, ghouls, witches, warlocks, and scary things of all sorts are in fashion today.  What memories does this day hold for you?

For me, it was always about the costumes, dressing up as something I’m not and loved it. Being a kid in the 70’s it wasn’t easy though. Do you remember your childhood costumes? I do. You had a plastic mask over your face (that you could barely breathe out of) and a plastic costume tied at  your neck, covering you up.

Next of course, was the trick-or-treating. Going door-to-door wasn’t a real option where I grew up (no neighbors nearby) but we did it up at my grammar school. (Like the trunk-or-treats of today). We’d have a parade of the costumes on the playground, treats in the classroom, and a haunted house in the rec room.

Once we moved to this area, we actually had neighbors that we could go around and trick-or-treat at. Of course right off, you knew the best houses; and there were two kinds. The first was where they were all decorated up with the husband hiding on the roof, waiting to scare us to death. (I screamed soooo loud)!

The second (or a tie for me) was the one with the full-sized Snickers bars. They were served on a silver platter no less! The house wasn’t very decorated (older folks) but man, they knew how to treat the little ones! (ok and not so little).

How about you? How old were you when you stopped trick-or-treating? Do you go with your kids (or grandkids) now?

I stopped at…cough….19. But that’s a long story.  I have no children (and no grandchildren) so my fun is just seeing the costumes and hoping my workplace allows it.

Enjoy today/tonight and stay safe out there!