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Writing when your head isn’t in the game


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Picture it…it’s 10 o’clock at night. All is quiet in the house, except for the hum of your computer. Your spouse is asleep, kitty is calm and on his bed. The chores are done for the day…and it’s the perfect time to write, right?

Well, maybe.

I’ve faced this same scenario time and again over the past two months. So far I’ve been able to ‘hammer out’ maybe three pages. Yup.



Edits, at that.

Nothing new, nothing original, despite a folder with 30 documents in it that are all potential stories.

So what’s the problem?

  1. Fatigue. I’ve been my husband’s nurse for over a month now and it’s draining. He’s doing much better; but it’s taken a toll on me having to handle all house items and be his ‘go fetch’ girl too. LOL  Plus, I’ve been looking for an evil day job to support the household while he’s out…to no avail. That in and of itself is exhausting.

2. Nothing’s coming to mind. Granted, I’m doing edits, but if you can’t think of what               you want to change the dialogue to or the scene…then you’re dead in the water.

3. No focus. This goes hand-in-hand with fatigue and tension. I’m worn out over worries of jobs, money, medical issues (both hubby and kitty). I cannot indulge in any retail therapy, (oh boy the art supplies I’d buy)! At least I have knitting, since my mother requested a scarf and pair of mittens. I finished the scarf and one mitten, now to do the other.

How do you break out of such a long slump? I sit down to work and the distraction of the social media, marketing, games all spring to mind first.

I’d love your feedback 🙂


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Which decade of your life was the worst?

So last night I was reminded of just how bad things were in my life a decade ago when I was in my mid 30s. It was a very rough time and I would never go back. It got me to thinking if I had the chance would I repeat them? The answer is a resounding no.

How about you? Which was your worst decade and why and would you ever repeat it?A lot of us have crazy childhoods and there can be a very stressful firstdecade or two. However adulthood has its own adventures and can lead to some of the worst years of our lives.

Personally for me my 30s were the worst ever. I was in a crazy marriage which had constant struggles between medical, financial, family, death, job issues,

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and mental anguish. I wouldn’t ever choose to relive them.

On the flipside, my 40s have been far and above what my 30s were. They’ve had their ups and downs but so far so good.

How about you? Which was your worst decade and why and would you ever repeat it?


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New Year!

It’s a fresh new year and full of possibilities (and decisions to be made).

My day job is not very fulfilling, but pays the bills. So my hobbies fill in the gaps 🙂

Here’s a rundown of what was accomplished :

Ice Fairy 3, Cid, This Time Around, Upstaged 3, Complications, and re-released Love by the Numbers. Plus work on other new projects and rewrites

I knit four cushion covers, two cat blankets, five washcloths, and a sawtooth shawl!

I painted about four paintings (mostly for family).

Here’s a smidgen of what I did:

So what’s shakin for this year? Rewrites, more paintings, but cutting back on the knitting. My job takes my hand strength and the only options are PT, or a cortisone shot. Oy. We’ll see what else I can do.

Plus, a HUGE thank you to everyone who’s joined this blog since I moved it over here to WordPress. I plan to post a lot more in the new year and change up the content, so stay tuned!

What’s shakin’ for your 2019?


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Promises to myself

Hello all! I hope this weekend is starting off great for you. If not I hope it will 🙂

In the spirit of the ending 2018, I am making my list of tasks, dreams and goals. I’m calling them promises to myself.

Wow do I need goals. This year wasn’t the best by a long shot. Chronic pain, horrible job, and anxiety through the roof. On the flip side, however, I released Cid, Ice Fairy 3, Upstaged 3, and This Time Around. Plus restarted this blog and have gone from 12 to nearly 90 followers since July.

So…my list of promises include:

limit TV time (under an hour)

knit daily (if no hand pain)

paint daily (if no hand pain)

finish two rewrites

finish two new books

by year end have marketing outsourced

savor my family moments

eat better

Thats a partial list for me. How about you?

What are your promises to yourself?

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How to Stop Worrying and Life Your Life!

This truly hit home with me because as of right now I have been unable to find a day job, the finances are tight, and I am making up a new biz for freelancing! It’s scary but I know it’s right for me. I’m not a cubicle farmer lover, I dislike being told what time I can get up or arrive or leave. Let me be free!

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Sick of the Rat Race

The rat race. The 9 to 5. The daily work that gives us the ability (mostly) to buy housing, food, clothing, and all the things we need (and hopefully some we want too).

Since the early 1990’s I have been firmly ingrained in the corporate world. From receptionist to file clerk and working my way up (and sideways) to learn all the MS Office you can handle, plus I was a top number-cruncher. At one point in time my then husband and I were doing just fine…until 2006 when the world as we knew it ended and I became the sole breadwinner. I earned two degrees in seven years…but now I need to leverage that knowledge.

As I type this during my now third month of unemployment I wonder…what did it get me? Where am I in my life? I am 40+ years old, no children, but I have a very hard-working fiance who is blue collar. (a shrinking field in its entirety for manufacturing in this country) but at least he has a job. My now ex-husband is still draining me a little at a time (no worries, there is a light at the end of that tunnel) but I’m still making next to nothing. I either have to learn an entirely new job or…

I need a non-traditional job.

All my life (working life) I wanted the 9-5, secretarial role, do my bit kind of gig. I quickly found out that’s not what I wanted at all and was typecast (after being Speedy Gonzales on a 10-key) in the accounting world. A stigma that haunts me to this day. I cannot get away from it, as much as I try. (I had been pursuing a 3rd degree in accounting when my personal life blew up. So much for concentration! Plus, I decided, that was not what I really wanted. It was a great distraction, but the mission failed.)

I have many skills and talents, but none of which the modern labor force seems to pick up in their keyword searches of my resume. In three months I’ve had one phone interview and two agencies call. Let me tell you, I’ve done the agency bit since I was 18 years old. It’s time to stop that altogether, (but that’s another post.)

So…I am saying here and now that while I am forced to look for something “traditional” I will work my side gigs and try to keep writing so that my books are at least seen and some fresh material is out there.  Plus I’m a knitting fiend and may open an Etsy shop or sell on Facebook.  I may pick up other crafts just to sell my wares if I find that there’s a market.

OK, rant over.

To all my fans and friends through these tough years, Thank You a millions times over! Without you, I don’t know what I’d do. You’ve fallen for Phillip or Sam or maybe even Mark. We love you and appreciate you all deeply.