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Promises to myself

Hello all! I hope this weekend is starting off great for you. If not I hope it will 🙂

In the spirit of the ending 2018, I am making my list of tasks, dreams and goals. I’m calling them promises to myself.

Wow do I need goals. This year wasn’t the best by a long shot. Chronic pain, horrible job, and anxiety through the roof. On the flip side, however, I released Cid, Ice Fairy 3, Upstaged 3, and This Time Around. Plus restarted this blog and have gone from 12 to nearly 90 followers since July.

So…my list of promises include:

limit TV time (under an hour)

knit daily (if no hand pain)

paint daily (if no hand pain)

finish two rewrites

finish two new books

by year end have marketing outsourced

savor my family moments

eat better

Thats a partial list for me. How about you?

What are your promises to yourself?

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2018! New marriage, books, and insights

Happy New Year all! It is the dawning of a brand new year…can you believe it’s 2018??? Where has all the time gone?
The older I get, the faster it goes.

So, with the start of a new year, I am drawing up my guidebook for the year; a little hint I got from an organization site on FB. To sketch out what you want to accomplish for this year. So…here goes.

First, new marriage 🙂  We are nearly three months in and still very happy.  I lost my job (as is usual in my lines of work) but we remain strong and committed. I toss out ideas and he likes them; but he is highly conventional and thinks sticking with established lines of work will pay the bills.
While I agree, I have my goals and dreams of having my art and creativity pay at least some of it.
Otherwise, we are a crazy happy couple taking care of our elderly cats and parents. 🙂

Second, my books!  In a few days Southern Comfort 5 will be released; the last in the series. 
Also, the first volume of Upstaged is on its final round of edits!  Looks for that soon 🙂
A major plus…I came back to Gay Authors site with a book that was written last century (omg) but has been edited and even has a cover; but I wanted feedback first. WOW am I ever getting great comments! I hope the rest hold up and this puppy will go up for sale, hopefully to delight the many who are not on GA.

Lastly; my insights into the new year. As many know, I do not ever post politics or religion; and I won’t start. I’ll just put out there that things are a hot mess, but they have been for a very long time and it would take more than a mortal man to fix things. Humans are greatly unchanged at their base levels and I pine for the world of Star Trek, where things seem to be much better. (call it a fiction-lovers fantasy).

My goals for this year beyond the books are to: find a day job to pay the bills (in my state), knit (for profit and non alike)…release a coloring book for adults, and to begin to sketch again to my newest love, Voltron.

What are your goals and aspirations?

Good luck and Happy New Year!