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Cats and Toys

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Does your kitty love to play? Mine does…once in a while. He’s 15 years-old now and not much of an appetite for crazy playtimes. Once in a while though, he can surprise me.

These are one of his favorite toys:

I’ll bounce them on the floor and he’ll leap into the air and scurry after them…a heartwarming and jovial site for my big boy.

What are some of your kitty’s favorites? I found Jack’s toys at


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31 Day Blog Challenge Day 2

A photo of myself from five years ago and one now…what’s changed?

Well, I don’t post pix of myself, so here’s one of my kitty, Jack.

Five years ago he was 23 lbs, but then diminished to 14 lbs quickly! He was diagnosed as diabetic.

Five years later….here he is, doing well, and still kicking at 14 1/2 years old 🙂


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mothers day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day here in the states. I personally am getting together with my family to celebrate. I am blessed to still have my mother around, but more so blessed that we don’t completely drive each other nuts like we used to. (most of the time).

As for me, I’m not a mother (of a human child)…my child is my cat. I love that the greeting card industry makes cards for moms like me of our precious fur babies. My little boy drives me bananas sometimes, (like right now he is yowling while I’m trying to type this post), but he is truly my love.

One thing I wish the commercials would get is that not everyone IS a mother, that we have older moms that they need recognition too. Maybe add more for us mom of furbabies?

Take care tomorrow and if you’re blessed enough to have a mom (doesn’t have to be biological) enjoy!

Cheers, Steph



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Cats, Yarn, and Words

I’ve had some time to process the loss of my baby girl, Cali, last Tuesday. Strange what losing a beloved animal will do to you and make you look at your life. I have been reeling for days and finally have narrowed my ‘hobbies’ down to a top list of three great loves of my world:

Cats, Yarn, and Words

Cats…obviously. Above is my baby boy, Jack, who has been my buddy since he was adopted as a tiny kitten. (yes, he was tiny once). This 19 lb behemoth of a cuddler is the main focus of my life, especially since the tragic loss of his sister.
He is diabetic, but takes his shots like a champ. He is pretty healthy otherwise, thank goodness!  He gets pancreatic attacks that make him sick all day and all night at times, but he gets medication and it helps.

Yarn…ha ha seems to go hand-in-hand with cats, right?  Don’t let them play with it, I implore you. My first cat, Katie, ingested some and it came out the other end…ewwwwwwwwwwwww! It can wrap around their stomach and kill them. Seriously, watch the yarn.
OK, enough PSA…I love to knit and can even crochet (it just always ends up a little ‘off’). ha ha. I love regular straight needle patterns (if I even follow one). I usually make up my own and run with it. Nowadays I knit for friends, or donate my creations to cat shelters.

Words…this should be obvious having written 12 books so far (plus 18 more with co-authors). I’ve been writing since I knew how and hope to never stop. Even if they never sell, even if they’re seen as goody-two-shoes or too ‘safe’ for the horrific world we live in, I don’t care. I love my boys, my style, and I will write purely for my love if nobody else’s.

This is more of a Monday morning brain dump, if not anything grander….but I wanted to share my loves with you, my followers, fans, and friends.

Have a good Monday if you can!


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Three years of shots…

Hi all! An update on my baby boy, Jack.  He is still going strong after over three years after being diagnosed as diabetic.  So far he has endured two pancreatitis (mild) attacks (where he gets sick for two days and we have to give him pills for anti-nausea and one to stoke his appetite), and over 2,000 shots!!!! (one shot every 12 hours) and a move to another state.
Still…this little trooper keeps going strong.
He just turned 13 this year and we didn’t know if he’d make it to 10. (sniff)!!!

I love you baby boy!!! You are mama’s 20-lb angel 💖💖💖

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Crazy Town

LOL…I love that suggestion; humor gets us all through the day sometimes.

Life is a little odd right now; I became unemployed three weeks ago and have been looking for a new gig ever since. The market here in STL is tough!!! But I hope to find something soon or start to price out cardboard boxes to make a shack from.

But as always, there is good news! Boy kitty, Jack, is doing so much better. Six months ago it seemed like he was just a breath away from leaving us for the great big catnip buffet in the sky. Luckily, that is not true at all anymore. His back paws are not bugging him anymore so he can jump and clamor up the steps again and play! His insulin shots are not his favorite, we hate giving them to him too; but they have helped save his far too young life. (He’s only 10).

So, we feel very blessed to still have our little guy around and our little girl too, who is 14 and as rowdy as ever. Daytime you cannot tell; but nighttime she’s as rambunctious as ever.

Other than that; I’ve left school and have decided to punt accounting entirely. Writing is my love, not numbers. I’ve also gotten back to drawing and painting too. I’ll take some pics sometime of my old works vs the new…all I’m asking is for you to please be kind. It’s been decades since I’ve created anything of the sort…

Writing isn’t coming easy nowadays; despite dozens of wip’s…but I think once I know I have an income again, I’ll feel safer and able to stop worrying.

And on that note…on this Memorial Day and remembering my family members who served our country and thanking them for their contributions to help keep us free.