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GRL 2021

It’s finally happening! I’m going to my first convention as an author 😍😍😍

It’s go time to order up books and schwag 🙂 I need feedback on both though…what is a good giveaway at a convention?

My paperbacks (solo written) will be there for signing, but how many of each do I bring?

Any advice from my fellow authors is greatly appreciated.


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Cover Reveal! This Time Around (FKA Refugees)

After much tweaking and rewriting (and a new title too) the book formerly known as ‘Refugees’ will be known as ‘This Time Around’.  It is still the tale following the two men left behind in the wake of the angsty dramatic ‘For the Heart of Phillip’.

This Time Around 1

Look for a release date soon as the final touches are being put on this book.



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Books Under Construction

construction  Oh yes, construction. Rework, redo, refurbish, you name it. If you go to my page on Amazon, you will notice several titles now missing…why?

  1. They need a makeover. Not just lipstick and mascara, but a full-face makeover worthy of a Kardashian!
  2. They will be put into box sets. Most of my works are series (if you can tell from my tabs). People love to get a bargain, so I will be working those into box sets.
  3. There will be paperbacks! Who doesn’t miss the sweet smell of the pages or the joyous sound of those pages flicking by, or perhaps the feel of a glossy cover. I miss it! I’m sure readers do too, so when these are refreshed, they will be all be available in physical form.
  4. I am diverting my focus to newer works that are coming out a faster pace than I can currently handle (as well as the market). All good things in time.

That’s just the beginning, but I won’t divulge it all now. The best I can say is…stay tuned. 🙂

Thank you for your support!

Cheers, Steph

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Three Countdown Deals May 6-13!

Three countdown deals on Amazon starting Sunday, May 6! I’ve listed Ice Fairy, Ice Fairy 2 (Decisions), and Complications Start at 2.99 and go down to .99 Pick up your copy today (all on KU too)! Sale ends Sunday, May 13.

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I am thrilled to announce….

Coming January 24th; my first solo book in over two years will be released (and my first inter-racial book to boot)!

I present…Ice Fairy!

The story of Sam (Samuru) Ogawa, a figure skater who is training towards his dreams of Olympic Gold; but there’s a fly in the ointment. A big, blond, brash boy named Brett Zephyr to be precise. They get along like fire and ice; until things off the ice start to heat up.

Coming January 24th to Smashwords, Amazon, and All Romance Ebooks.