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GRL 2021

It’s finally happening! I’m going to my first convention as an author 😍😍😍

It’s go time to order up books and schwag 🙂 I need feedback on both though…what is a good giveaway at a convention?

My paperbacks (solo written) will be there for signing, but how many of each do I bring?

Any advice from my fellow authors is greatly appreciated.


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Social Distancing Amid Coronavirus Fears…

I saw this article pop up today and it talks about social distancing to avoid the spread of this virus.

I’m a homebody and that’s a very good thing at the moment. Plus I convinced my elder family members to have small gatherings at home vs at a restaurant where people have this virus,colds, flu, pneumonia, etc.

My brother called me an alarmist at first, but after the pandemic was designated; he agreed with me.

What are you doing to hunker down in this crazy time?
As for me and mine…we have toilet paper and food, and avoiding touching our faces. We have soap and sanitizer gel too. If we do get it, quarantine is the only way to not spread it.
I hope very much we will have a vaccine soon and put a halt to this.

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GRL Bound!

After having been an ‘official’ author since 2008, I’m finally going to go to a convention for authors of my genre! I’m so excited my brain hasn’t stopped fantasizing yet over meeting new people, getting to showcase a couple of my books, etc.

This isn’t the 1st time I’ve wanted to go, mind you. I wanted to. A lot. I had reservations made, and talking to people about it; but what stopped me?

  1. Money
  2. Fear

That little green paper that rules our lives. Idiotic, huh? Yet…that was the main reason. However, there was another one…and it ties with the first one. Fear.

Yup, fear. Believe it or not writers of my genre (and romance particularly) get the short end of the stick. We’re not taken seriously, we get eye rolls, gasps, a chuckle, or just a shake of the head. Even my own family doesn’t understand it. Alas…here we are. This is who I am, this is what I write. I don’t want to write anything else!

Plus the fear of bosses, coworkers, etc seeing my out of my ‘day’ persona….I suppose to be free and myself. I really truly hope I can be like that at this convention.

So…who’s going with me? Or will you let Money and Fear stand in your way?

I know a few of my fellow authors will be there already; I hope to meet you all!


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Writing when your head isn’t in the game


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Picture it…it’s 10 o’clock at night. All is quiet in the house, except for the hum of your computer. Your spouse is asleep, kitty is calm and on his bed. The chores are done for the day…and it’s the perfect time to write, right?

Well, maybe.

I’ve faced this same scenario time and again over the past two months. So far I’ve been able to ‘hammer out’ maybe three pages. Yup.



Edits, at that.

Nothing new, nothing original, despite a folder with 30 documents in it that are all potential stories.

So what’s the problem?

  1. Fatigue. I’ve been my husband’s nurse for over a month now and it’s draining. He’s doing much better; but it’s taken a toll on me having to handle all house items and be his ‘go fetch’ girl too. LOL  Plus, I’ve been looking for an evil day job to support the household while he’s out…to no avail. That in and of itself is exhausting.

2. Nothing’s coming to mind. Granted, I’m doing edits, but if you can’t think of what               you want to change the dialogue to or the scene…then you’re dead in the water.

3. No focus. This goes hand-in-hand with fatigue and tension. I’m worn out over worries of jobs, money, medical issues (both hubby and kitty). I cannot indulge in any retail therapy, (oh boy the art supplies I’d buy)! At least I have knitting, since my mother requested a scarf and pair of mittens. I finished the scarf and one mitten, now to do the other.

How do you break out of such a long slump? I sit down to work and the distraction of the social media, marketing, games all spring to mind first.

I’d love your feedback 🙂


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Co-Authoring Pros and Cons

How many of you have written (or considered) writing with other authors?

I’ve written over 30 books so far…12 by myself and the rest with four very talented co-authors.


Yes, four. All collaborations that have had their bright spots (and low spots).

Why collaborate at all? Why not just write solo?

I can tell you from experience…writing with others has helped my own craft grow and take on new directions that I’d honestly never considered. My first was a wonderful realist and angsty author. She liked the sexier side of things with a ton of angst. My second is a glorious storyteller…she can weave a tale in five minutes and have you mesmerized. My third is a comic by profession and his tales have me cracking up on every page. The fourth is a dear friend of mine that we wanted to tell a story; it was released, but pulled back for re-tooling.

I’ve been fortunate to have these great people to work with; but not every pairing has a happy ending. The first lady I wrote with we got on great! Pages being written like mad, ideas flying..and then a complete breakdown of communication that I take the sole blame for. This was years ago; but it has helped me not make that same mistake again. Which bring me to my first point:

  • Be clear on your objectives for the book(s)

This is vital! In the planning/plotting phases things go awry. Things change. Be clear on what you want. It may not stay that way, so have an ‘out’ plan too.

  • Find someone who’s writing style is similar to yours

Not a necessity as all three write very differently from myself. My second coauthor is the most similar of them all; but like I said, not a requirement. Genre too, is important. My genre is gay fiction. Almost all of the authors I know write this genre.

  • How well do you handle conflict together? (characters and authors)

This is vital! My first coauthor and I parted ways over a disagreement on the continuation.

  • Be clear on separation of duties (who’s better at editing or outlining)?

I’m awful at editing. Light proofreading I can do; but I”m no editor.

  • Do you agree on publishers, royalties, marketing?

This is easy enough on the royalties; 50/50 split. As for marketing, that should be shared too. As for how to publish, both need to be in agreement as to self-pub or try a publisher.

I love collaborations; like I’ve mentioned, it’s helped me go in totally new directions. Just know that sometimes these things don’t work out. I hope these tips help if you decide to go into co-writing! (collaborations)


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Getting Down to Business…


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Procrastination. It’s the bane of my existence. I have soooo much free time on my hands I don’t know how to fill my days.

Well. I do.


I’m just such a procrastinator that I fill it with the wrong things. Like…FaceBook, Pinterest, etc…etc…doing aimless research on things that have nothing to do with my books.

Sound familiar?

I’m job-searching (and redoing resume daily it seems) all to appease the ATS systems. Sigh. I get recruiters emailing and calling for the same job (one listing has sent five recruiters to me, wow they are desperate)!

Otherwise, I’m a housewife and cat mother. I take care of home and kitty to the best of my ability, despite despising cleaning. LOL My games eat up a lot of time (I’m soo addicted) plus knitting, or the aforementioned internet addiction.

How do I stop? How do I structure my day again? I need to make some hard and fast rules on what my time should be spent doing.

What works for you?

Reminders? Outlook/Gmail? I need a clock to go off and yank my phone away, open my book that I need to work on, and yell out, ‘work on this for one hour’!

Wouldn’t that be cool?

So…as I wile away this time writing out my frustration with procrastination and my consternation with aforementioned issues…I bid you adiue…

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How to Stop Worrying and Life Your Life!

This truly hit home with me because as of right now I have been unable to find a day job, the finances are tight, and I am making up a new biz for freelancing! It’s scary but I know it’s right for me. I’m not a cubicle farmer lover, I dislike being told what time I can get up or arrive or leave. Let me be free!