About Me

Hello one and all! Welcome to my blog/website. I started this blog eight years ago on Blogger and moved it over to WordPress just last year.
This is the place where I talk about my loves: writing, cats, games, art, knitting, and of course, life! My goal here is to meet others who share my loves and discuss anything from job searches, marriage, writer’s block, cats, or to chat about one of my many published books.
First, the most basic question: Who am I and why do I write this?
Well, I’m a straight (cis) female born and raised in the midwest…not the most exciting spots to live, but we did well. I’m a happily married woman and ‘mother’ to a very precious cat. Most of my life has revolved around reading, writing, and avoiding ‘rithmetic. ha ha. Actually, business math appealed to me, hence a BS and Masters degree to my credit.
So when it all start? For most writers and authors; it starts early. I was toying with tales at five years old, but when I was 12 I wanted to explore writing a central character and build the town around them. Not much changed until I was 16 and met my first gay boy. I had a huge crush on him, which he knew, but didn’t crush me at all. He was sweet and kind and I knew then I wanted to always write gay guys in the most positive sense I could.
Fast forward to 2006; Brokeback Mountain opened my eyes. A straight woman could write this and get noticed? Hot diggity! I subbed mine (unknowingly to a vanity press) but it was out there nonetheless. After a complete rewrite and more edits than I ever want to do again…For the Heart of Phillip was born.
Since then, I have written with four other authors and produced almost three dozen titles in varying stages of production.  I have seven solo works and nine co-works. Series are my favorites as I don’t like to end a story, or have more to add to those characters.
My other hobbies include gaming, knitting, Voltron, painting, gardening (a new one thanks to hubby), animals, food, and looking at stock image sites for the next hot guy for my covers.
I invite you to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest or use the email form below. In the meantime, feel free to peruse my site, and enjoy the posts. Comments are always welcome!
S. L. (Stephanie) Danielson, Author
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