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Nine special days this Monday!

Did you know any of these existed? I sure didn’t… 

When I look at my calendar, I only see the once-in-a-while holidays; and that’s all well and good…but have you heard of the other holidays? The special days that deserve their spot in the sun? 

Besides that, they make great fodder for including in writing. Do you use any ‘odd’ holidays in your creations?

Here are nine to enjoy today, Feb 24th: 

  • Forget Me Not Day…not sure if this is for the flower or the general vibe, but good either way. 
  • International Pancake Day – February 24, 2020…I can definitely get behind this one! 
  • National Cupcake Day (Canada) – February 24, 2020…for our friends to the north, I hope you have some great cupcakes! 
  • National Dance Day – February 24, 2020…breakdancing? Electric slide? What’s your favorite? 
  • National Tortilla Chip Day…pull up a side of gaucamole and dive in! 
  • National Trading Card Day …I saw these as a kid for baseball..maybe pull out the Pokemon ones? 
  • Play More Cards Day – February 24, 2020 (Last Monday in February) …bring back Rummy!! 
  • Shrove Monday – February 24, 2020…I think this is Pre-Shrove Tuesday prepping? 
  • World Bartender Day…raise a glass to your favorite drink jockey who’s seen you at your best (and worst). 

Want more or go in-depth? Click the link below:

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