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GRL Bound!

After having been an ‘official’ author since 2008, I’m finally going to go to a convention for authors of my genre! I’m so excited my brain hasn’t stopped fantasizing yet over meeting new people, getting to showcase a couple of my books, etc.

This isn’t the 1st time I’ve wanted to go, mind you. I wanted to. A lot. I had reservations made, and talking to people about it; but what stopped me?

  1. Money
  2. Fear

That little green paper that rules our lives. Idiotic, huh? Yet…that was the main reason. However, there was another one…and it ties with the first one. Fear.

Yup, fear. Believe it or not writers of my genre (and romance particularly) get the short end of the stick. We’re not taken seriously, we get eye rolls, gasps, a chuckle, or just a shake of the head. Even my own family doesn’t understand it. Alas…here we are. This is who I am, this is what I write. I don’t want to write anything else!

Plus the fear of bosses, coworkers, etc seeing my out of my ‘day’ persona….I suppose to be free and myself. I really truly hope I can be like that at this convention.

So…who’s going with me? Or will you let Money and Fear stand in your way?

I know a few of my fellow authors will be there already; I hope to meet you all!



A lover of words and writing since they entered my life as a young child. Now a devout lover of men (especially late teen, college and mature men) to write their stories.

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