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What Strengthens Your Procrastination?

Tiredness is my main reason these days; but I’m battling back with a schedule and plan of attack

Pointless Overthinking

procrastinationDrawing by Adrian Serghie

You surely noticed that sometimes it’s harder to do some things even though you’ve done the a million times before. What has changed? You are pretty much the same and the situation is also pretty much the same, so why procrastination is stronger sometimes?

There are multiple reasons and all of them are related to us. Think about that even though everything seems to be the same, it’s obvious that some things are different, otherwise we would do the things with the same ease every time. So what makes procrastination different?

Our level of tiredness

The more tired we are, the stronger procrastination gets. If you think about it, it does make total sense. If you had to deal with stupid co-workers, rude cashiers and crazy traffic all day long, you wouldn’t be “thrilled” to cook something or to work on that extra project that…

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