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Rainbow Snippets March 23rd

The hubby and I took our first stroll in the springtime today. 🙂 It was wonderful! I love this time of year.

What is Rainbow Snippets? It’s a group of LGBT+ authors who post six sentences (or more) from a current WIP, published work or even something they’ve read that they want to rave about. Click on the link below the rainbow to be transported to a place of wonder where you will find tasters of everything from sweet romance, to hot and steamy, to fantasy and sci-fi.

Again this week I’m posting from one of my first books: For the Heart of Phillip.  First written in 2006 and redone into it’s current format in 2010. We pick up after Phillip is teased for bolting from a bee.

Blurb: Get ready for a wild, sexy ride! Follow along 13 arduous, confusing, wonderful years of Phillip’s life as he tries to decide on his love for two men. Phillip is socially awkward, depressed, a big guy for his age, and finds making friends difficult. Luckily, he meets Andy, who is two years younger than he is. They are best friends and together all the time. On a family vacation when he’s 16, Phillip meets Robert and the two form a fledgling relationship. All is great until Phillip comes homes and finds out a secret that Andrew had hidden for years; that he wants to be Phillip’s man and to dump Robert. Hence begins a push and pull, back and forth for years to come as the two fight over the man they love, Phillip. Both men will stop at nothing to keep him. Who will win the heart of Phillip? Come along for this ride and find out!


Dani’s face flushed for a moment and a few tears escaped. She reached out for her son and took him in her tiny arms. They hugged for a long moment. Her hair tickled his nose.  He had to turn and spit a bit.

“Geez, mom, back off on the hairspray a bit, huh?” he said jokingly.

They laughed together.

“Ha ha. Ok, my dear son, I won’t force you on to any teams. But you’ve got to do something soon! You have no friends at all outside this house. I want you to really try to find a friend. Can you do that at least?”

Phillip sighed. “I guess so. Most of the kids just look at me and laugh though; they don’t even give me a chance to talk. I sit alone at lunch or go outside and hide by a tree. Not that I could hide much, mind ya.” He ran his hand over his bulging abdomen. “I look like a pregnant man. I wish that would go away. I wanna grow up and be someone people have to listen to, like a cop or something.”

Dani chuckled. “Well, you could exercise, and before you say it, I don’t mean outside. I mean in here. Go down to the basement and do a workout tape or something. We could get you a treadmill or exercise bike, too. I’ll even keep your brother and sister out of your hair.”

He curled his lip in thought. “That could work, I suppose. I’ll work on it.”

“Good boy.” Dani tousled his hair and kissed his cheek. “Ok, I know it’s killing you to be here. Go on back to your room and play those games you love so much.” Phillip smiled. “Thanks, mom!” he took off down the hall to his room. Dani rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Kids!”

This book is available at Amazon and


A lover of words and writing since they entered my life as a young child. Now a devout lover of men (especially late teen, college and mature men) to write their stories.

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets March 23rd

  1. Ah the lure of technology… a constant battleground between parent and child, lol. Philip is so sweet here, and I can identify with that ‘not fitting in’ too, bless him 🙂

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