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Six weeks out…

Hi everyone!

I’ve been squeezing time in to write on my blog lately, and social media has taken a nosedive…because I’ve been playing nurse to my hubby who had knee surgery six weeks ago.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been six weeks…more like three months or longer! The first week was crazy and flew by and I was so exhausted that I just fell into bed.

Now…he is doing better, but not fully recovered just yet. I still do some chores for him and offer to do more just because I know his pain level isn’t where it should be. 😦

The bright spot to this is that I’ve been out of work so I could stay home full-time and look after him. Admittedly, we’ve hit spots where we start to grumble at each other a little bit just because we’re cooped up together so much!

Have you ever taken care of a family member after surgery? What was it like? Exhausting? Rewarding? Did you want to strangle or cuddle them? (I’ve felt both)…lol. Right now it’s reciprocating nicely as my long-overdue medical visits are being attended to as well and he’s by my side every time.


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