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Build Your Confidence

Confidence is tough to scrape together at times…great post 🙂

Pointless Overthinking

buildyourconfidenceDrawing by Adrian Serghie

   How many times you’ve stopped yourself from doing something just because you didn’t believe you can do it or that it is possible? People are not born with 100% confidence. That’s a mixture we develop in time and it’s vital for our success rate in life.

   We do things without 100% confidence all the time, but I’m sure we can do a lot more if we pump those levels up. Being confident doesn’t mean being arrogant. The second thing involves a closed mind that doesn’t allow new ideas to flow in whilst being confident means that you know what you got and you also know you can learn anything in order to get where you want to go.

   In my opinion, having confidence means you believe you can do something regardless of the way of doing it. Maybe you’re not prepared enough to…

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