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Navy winter set complete!

Update! I had my mom close her eyes and I draped the scarf around her shoulders. She oo’ed at how soft the yarn was. Overall, she loved it!

Author S. L. Danielson

This took about four weeks! Using Caron Simply Soft…I whipped these up for my mom. The only pattern I used was for the mittens (one two needles)!

I hope you enjoy 🙂 I’ll let you know what my Mom says!


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Editing Your Draft – Crutch Words

I definitely use crutch words..a bit. Then. Now. My editors must beat me over the head with the crutches! LOL

Author Don Massenzio

I am currently hard at work editing my 90K+ collection of short stories that will be published soon. As I go through this work and apply some of the things that I’ve learned editing other authors’ works, I found that I have some crutch words.

In public speaking, crutch words are things like ‘um’ or using the word ‘so’ to start sentences when there is a pause needed to collect your thoughts.

It’s a bit different in writing. In writing, crutch words can pop out at you during the editing process. This is partly true because enhancements to Microsoft Word’s grammar check actually point them out with nasty brown underlines (appropriate color).

The important thing to remember is, if you overuse a particular word or phrase, your reader will notice it and will start to get annoyed by the frequent repetition.

My Crutch Words

My worst crutch words that I…

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Be Authentic: Message to New Indie Authors

I couldn’t agree more. Great post!

The PBS Blog

In, building connections as a writer on social media, it’s important that you are authentic in those interactions. What does this mean? It means to be genuine and true, to be real but what does this mean? To be genuine and true is to be yourself in a way that does not force others to accept you, but brings together those who share the same passion as you do. People can tell if you are sharing something just to sell your books or sharing something because you deeply love it and you care about sharing that love with others for their benefit. You genuinely want to educate people, inspire people, empower people, or you want to make them laugh, or help them to heal or evolve. What people get out of getting to know more about you? What value do you offer that helps to make their lives better?…

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Seriously flawed standards

Definitely posting this! So sad how our craft has been cheapened so fast 😦

Two on a Rant

Now, on a serious note.

I happened upon a writer on Twitter and Facebook:

Dakota Willink

Her Twitter introduction:  “Amazon Int’l Bestselling Romance Author | Survived my 1st publishing with coffee & wine | Music Lover | Star Wars Geek Since Birth.”

She explains how non-writers are scamming the system at Amazon


graciously allowed me to reprint (aka copy/paste) her post.

The “Stealing” of Ideas, and How “The Hunger Games” Was ...


I need to tell a story – it’s going to be a long one, so settle in if you’re interested in hearing it.

I began writing my first book in 2013. I self-published it on December 27, 2015. I was new to the business and I literally knew nothing. I made my own cover, which I’m embarrassed of now. But hey – I was brand spanking new and was learning as I went. And yes, there were typos galore in this first book. My January 2016 sales…

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6 Draft Checklist Ideas (And Why You Should Create Your Own)

This is a wonderful idea and checklist! I make notes on my characters, but never thought to check on the words I repeat.

K.M. Allan

Just as no two writers will write an idea the same way, drafting is a unique process as well.

Some authors may draft their MS in as little as five passes, others (raises hand) might have 20 odd drafts under their belt for certain works in progress.

When drafting is such a mammoth task, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I’m not a planner for writing, but for editing and drafting, I find a plan makes all the difference.

To create such plans, checklists are my go-to, and when I’m close to the final draft stage, these are the six main things I scan for during a draft pass…

1. Repeats

I recommend every writer come up with their own Repeats List because we all have different words we use repeatedly. This advice also goes for phrases (I constantly use “looked as if”) and for movements. If every character is…

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The Biggest Change That Must Happen When You Become a ‘Serious’ Writer

So very true! Great post 🙂

Meg Dowell Writes

The evolution that occurs throughout a writer’s journey has always fascinated me. It’s the reason I started documenting my thoughts and experiences related to writing way back in 2009. Because it’s so hard to track improvement or progression as a writer, I wanted to be able to look back and say, “Yep, I really have grown.”

I think the biggest difference between the writer me of 10 years ago and the writer I am today is how I approach each writing project.

There are two types of writers in general: those who write primarily for the necessity and/or enjoyment of it, and those who are actively pursuing a writing career.

One isn’t “better than” the other. If you write, you’re a writer. If you don’t, you aren’t. But there are people who just write because they need to release their creative energy in a constructive way, love telling stories, or…

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Rainbow Snippets February 23rd

Rainbow snippets FB page

From snow to ice to rain to sun to….lollipops falling from the sky? LOL who knows what’s next for this Midwestern weather phenomenon.  At least this weekend it’ll be calm and quiet…hubby is good, kitty is fine, and I’ve worked a little bit on my writing for once, plus gaming (of course)! I also finished the set for my mom (pix soon)!

What is Rainbow Snippets? It’s a group of LGBT+ authors who post six sentences (or more) from a current WIP, published work or even something they’ve read that they want to rave about. Click on the link below the rainbow to be transported to a place of wonder where you will find tasters of everything from sweet romance, to hot and steamy, to fantasy and sci-fi.

Again this week I’m posting from one of my first books: For the Heart of Phillip.  First written in 2006 and redone into it’s current format in 2010. A longer snip this week to fill out the mean girl scene and poor Phillip.

Blurb: Get ready for a wild, sexy ride! Follow along 13 arduous, confusing, wonderful years of Phillip’s life as he tries to decide on his love for two men. Phillip is socially awkward, depressed, a big guy for his age, and finds making friends difficult. Luckily, he meets Andy, who is two years younger than he is. They are best friends and together all the time. On a family vacation when he’s 16, Phillip meets Robert and the two form a fledgling relationship. All is great until Phillip comes homes and finds out a secret that Andrew had hidden for years; that he wants to be Phillip’s man and to dump Robert. Hence begins a push and pull, back and forth for years to come as the two fight over the man they love, Phillip. Both men will stop at nothing to keep him. Who will win the heart of Phillip? Come along for this ride and find out!


He knew them from school. The older one was Marla Simpson, the meanest girl in the neighborhood. She was 13, skinny as a rail, and had white blond hair. She was dressed in a very provocative outfit for someone of her age; micro-short white shorts and a white halter top. Phillip didn’t find her at all attractive and wished she’d cover up. Her friend was only 10 and dressed in a short, rainbow-colored dress. Phillip recognized her as Rachel Tucker, one of the popular girls at school. Alone, either of the girls was trouble, but together, they were unbearable. They crossed the street with their bikes and stopped right in front of his house. Phillip turned to go back inside, but the girls were too quick for him.

“Poor fatty Phillip, he’s afraid of bees!” Marla jibed in the most condescending tone he’d ever heard.  She whispered something to Rachel and they both pretended to gag at the sight of him, and took off on their bikes.

Phillip tried to brush them off, but couldn’t. He watched them until they were out of sight. “Bitches,” he said out loud; too late. He felt tears behind his light blue eyes, but dared not let them escape. Turning on his heel, Phillip ran up the porch stairs, and into his house. The hot, humid air followed him into the kitchen and caught his mother’s attention.

This book is available at Amazon