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760 to go…

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Hello all! This is Nurse Stephanie taking a breather from caring for her hubby.  He is doing OK and needs a little less of my time, so I can finally away to my computer for a short while and say howdy!

It’s not all lovely though…beyond starting up a game of the Sims or researching some random item, or even just a quick check of FaceBook, it lies it waiting.

You know what I mean…that insidious thing called email. (cue the Imperial March)

I shudder when I open my email…(anyone else) and see over 700 emails to address!

How did it build up so much? I get over 100/day and if I don’t stay on top of things…well, you get the picture.

Now, I’m seeking out ways to consolidated all of these so that 1. I don’t miss something helpful or important and 2. to group maybe by sender or subject?

I use gmail, so if anyone out there in blogland has a tip, please let me know. 🙂



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Procrastination is a Self-Perpetuating Cycle: 9 Tips for Getting Unstuck – by Katie Davis…

Wonderful advice for those of us who procrastinate!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Anne R. Allen site:

Procrastinating? Here’s how to break the pattern of putting off your writing.

When the year begins, all fresh and shiny, we tend to make promises to ourselves.

When we first took over the Institute for Writers, I wanted to help our community of writers––our students––so I polled them. I asked, “What do you think the top two reasons are for not starting (or continuing) your book?”

I thought the big answer would be “getting an agent” or “lack of publishing knowledge”, or something like that. The top answer by far was procrastination. Procrastination can grab hold and become a habit. It can allow you to play mind games with yourself.

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The Only One Holding You Back Is You

Absolutely true! I have a bad case of writer’s block and the only one who can break it is me.

Meg Dowell Writes

The last half of 2018 was one of the most difficult periods of time I’ve ever endured as a creator.

I woke up and went to sleep angry and frustrated almost every day. I knew I was not in a creator-friendly environment. I was still learning how to be a parent (to a puppy). I was mentally and emotionally drained almost constantly. Making room for writing became more of a chore than a pleasure.

And over and over — I have the journal entries to prove it — I blamed my failures and took my frustration out on everyone else. Everyone except myself.

For some reason we get into this habit of blaming our problems on other people. And many never learn to take responsibility for their failures, shortcomings, and struggles.

“I would have written a book by now if my wife were more supportive.”

“I want to start a…

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Author Earnings Crash For Fiction Authors Due To Amazon – by Derek Haines…

Very illuminating (yet depressing) as I made very little in 2017

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on Just Publishing Advice:

25% of all authors surveyed earned $0 in book-related income in 2017

If you want to read that headline again, take a look at the 2018 Authors Guild report.

The report makes for difficult reading for all authors.


If you write books, what can you do to increase book sales?

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Rainbow Snippets January 19th

Rainbow snippets FB page

I’m posting again from This Time Around (which is a rework of Refugees which is the sequel to For the Heart of Phillip). Drama was everywhere in the first book; but it’s been tamed in this volume, which follows Robert and David’s journey after things didn’t go as planned in book one.

What is Rainbow Snippets? It’s a group of LGBT+ authors who post six sentences (or more) from a current WIP, published work or even something they’ve read that they want to rave about. Click on the link below the rainbow to be transported to a place of wonder where you will find tasters of everything from sweet romance, to hot and steamy, to fantasy and sci-fi.

This Time Around 1

To set the stage: (spoiler alert)!!! In the first book, Robert and Phillip break up and David and Andrew break up. This is the start of Chapter 3

David’s first few evenings at the clinic were quiet, except for the first one. He was unpacking his office when he ran across a picture of himself and Andy. He glared at it and gritted his teeth. All of the pain and humiliation, which were still too fresh to talk about, made his heart beat faster and his rage come to bear. “You lying…drama queen! You bitch!” He ripped the photo from its frame and after he tore it into a dozen or so pieces, he tossed it into the trash.

This book is now available only at  Amazon 















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Which decade of your life was the worst?

So last night I was reminded of just how bad things were in my life a decade ago when I was in my mid 30s. It was a very rough time and I would never go back. It got me to thinking if I had the chance would I repeat them? The answer is a resounding no.

How about you? Which was your worst decade and why and would you ever repeat it?A lot of us have crazy childhoods and there can be a very stressful firstdecade or two. However adulthood has its own adventures and can lead to some of the worst years of our lives.

Personally for me my 30s were the worst ever. I was in a crazy marriage which had constant struggles between medical, financial, family, death, job issues,

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and mental anguish. I wouldn’t ever choose to relive them.

On the flipside, my 40s have been far and above what my 30s were. They’ve had their ups and downs but so far so good.

How about you? Which was your worst decade and why and would you ever repeat it?