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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 26

31-day blog challengeOK let’s see how consistent I am with this 🙂 I may ‘schedule’ posts for the first time in forever.

Day 26: My five favorite blogs

Oooh, tough one! I’d say these round out my top five (I don’t read a ton of other blogs, but I try to read some at least):

  1. Lifehack
  2. Ladders site for job advice
  3. Quora, while not a blog per se, I get majorly caught up in the discussions
  4. My friends’ blogs…my other snippeteers most of all!
  5. Creative site blogs, for knitting most of all


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6 Steps to Achieving Zen-Like Writer Efficiency – by Dave Chesson…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Anne R. Allen:

I’m a big believer in making the most of the time we have to write and getting the best possible output from it.

After all, for most writers, time is the ultimate luxury. We can always experience ebbs and flows in sales or followers, but time is truly a finite resource. Once it’s gone, it’s never coming back.

As a result, I’ve dedicated a lot of my writing life to finding the best ways to use writing time as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Today I’d like to share my six top recommendations.

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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 25

31-day blog challengeOK let’s see how consistent I am with this 🙂 I may ‘schedule’ posts for the first time in forever.

Day 25: Best physical features

If you ask my husband, he’d say that my eyes, my hair, and my legs are my best physical features. Sorry I have no pictorial proof of this for this site, so just take our word for it. 🙂


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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 24

31-day blog challengeOK let’s see how consistent I am with this 🙂 I may ‘schedule’ posts for the first time in forever.

Day 24: A difficult time in my life

I’d say without a doubt that my 30’s were the most difficult time of my life. I’d almost say the whole decade, but there were some bright spots in there…houses bought and decorated, degrees earned, promotions earned, ideas started. But it was also the time of the most medical issues with my now ex-husband, his family’s issues, financial issues like you don’t want to imagine, and mental issues on his part.

What was your most difficult time and how’d you get through it? Mine I trudged onwards and am now in a completely different state, situation, and marriage!


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Rainbow Snippets July 14th

Rainbow snippets FB page


What is Rainbow Snippets? It’s a group of LGBT+ authors who post six sentences (or more) from a current WIP, published work or even something they’ve read that they want to rave about. Click on the link below the rainbow to be transported to a place of wonder where you will find tasters of everything from sweet romance, to hot and steamy, to fantasy and sci-fi.


From a coming attraction (coming Aug 1) Cid.  Here is the blurb for this new work:

Ask 26-year-old artist Cid Walker how he’s feeling and you’ll likely get a snarl, or a glare, but not a real answer. Cid’s soul is so damaged from a brutal and savage ex-fiancé that trusting anyone is out of the question.

Two classmates try to get his attention; Barry and Kellen. Barry is only 18 and a very naïve, sweet boy-next-door type who is young, needy, and anxious to get involved with the mysterious artist. He wants to be with Cid more than anything, but his efforts fail.

Kellen, all of 22, is as snarky as Cid is at first, but soon manages to get across to him. Kellen understands why Cid is acting out because Kellen is also keeping his soul and psyche intact with mere Band-Aids after being attacked a few years ago.

Add in a stalker that won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and you have Cid’s life at the moment. Who can get through his broken heart?

Our second snippet is a lot longer than usual, but I want to give you a taste of what our lilac boy is dealing with:

After an excruciatingly long wait in line, the slow cashier moved him along and he snatched up a spot by himself near the back of the room. He had zero desire for human contact unless it was by any chance another art student. Then he’d offer up a smidgen of interaction, then bolt.

Naturally, just when he tried to repel people the most, someone always tried to make him sociable.

A strawberry blond guy took a seat at the table next to him and began a stare fest from hell. He looked the guy up and down without trying to look like he was doing so. He opened his notebook and tried to look occupied, but the guy’s gaze would not waver. He wasn’t a bad looking guy, strong, muscular, but not a beefy type. He wore gray knit shorts and a sleeveless red tee with the school’s logo on it. His hair was very short and spiked, and his large feet were stuffed into sandals.

Cid ate faster; he wanted to leave this situation as quickly as possible. His new could-be nemesis apparently ate faster, though, and got up to approach him.

Fuck. No. Stay over there you butthead. Let me eat in peace.

No luck. The guy pulled out the chair opposite Cid and plunked himself down. The creepiest thing is that all he did was stare at him.

Finally, this got on Cid’s nerves enough to make him speak.


“What?” the perp asked, oh so innocently.

“That fucking stare-down. I’m not interested, dude.”

A greasy smile spread across the guy’s full lips. “That’s what you say now.”

Alarm bells went off in Cid’s brain, and he tossed his food and notebook into his backpack then zipped it up. He didn’t say another word to the creep. He left the room and passed by the dean’s office, just to be sure he wasn’t followed.




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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 23

31-day blog challengeOK let’s see how consistent I am with this 🙂 I may ‘schedule’ posts for the first time in forever.

Day 23: Pet Peeves

Now here’s a hot topic to me. LOL  I have a serious pet peeve over people not responding to me. This goes back to having to be OCD about customer service (back in them olden days) and returning phone calls, voicemails, etc. This is PRE email times, mind you.

Another pet peeve of mine is talking over other people. It’s easy to type over someone, but talking over them, or as I say constant interruptus….oy! That gets me steamed! Stop, listen, evaluate, then respond!

Finally, my biggest is the sound of chewing or esp grinding your teeth. My bff grinds her teeth due to anxiety, but wow! Get a plate or amp up the xanax please! Oy….

What are your pet peeves? What drives you absolutely bonkers?


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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 22

31-day blog challengeOK let’s see how consistent I am with this 🙂 I may ‘schedule’ posts for the first time in forever.

Day 22: 10 Favorite Songs

My styles are widely varied…this is just a sample of what’s in my YouTube playlist.

  1. Far Away by Nickelback
  2. Happy by Pharrell
  3. Waltz of the Flowers by Strauss
  4. Demons by Imagine Dragons
  5. Back in Black by AC/DC
  6. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
  7. The Second Waltz by Shostakovich
  8. Roar by Katy Perry
  9. Three Wee Jigs by Soar Patrol
  10. Dancing Queen by Abba