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Rainbow Snippets July 21st

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What is Rainbow Snippets? It’s a group of LGBT+ authors who post six sentences (or more) from a current WIP, published work or even something they’ve read that they want to rave about. Click on the link below the rainbow to be transported to a place of wonder where you will find tasters of everything from sweet romance, to hot and steamy, to fantasy and sci-fi.


From a coming attraction (coming Aug 1) Cid.  Here is the blurb for this new work:

Ask 26-year-old artist Cid Walker how he’s feeling and you’ll likely get a snarl, or a glare, but not a real answer. Cid’s soul is so damaged from a brutal and savage ex-fiancé that trusting anyone is out of the question.

Two classmates try to get his attention; Barry and Kellen. Barry is only 18 and a very naïve, sweet boy-next-door type who is young, needy, and anxious to get involved with the mysterious artist. He wants to be with Cid more than anything, but his efforts fail.

Kellen, all of 22, is as snarky as Cid is at first, but soon manages to get across to him. Kellen understands why Cid is acting out because Kellen is also keeping his soul and psyche intact with mere Band-Aids after being attacked a few years ago.

Add in a stalker that won’t take ‘no’ for an answer and you have Cid’s life at the moment. Who can get through his broken heart?

Our third snippet is a lot longer than usual, but here he meets boy #3:

He sighed and rubbed his eyes. Last night he was up late working on a new sketch. Maybe 2 o’clock wasn’t a good bedtime when you had a 9 o’clock class the next day.

“Up too late?” a voice asked next to him.

Lovely. Why do all these kids talk to me?

“Yup.” Was his eloquent reply. He sneaked a look at the speaker and was pleased that he wasn’t a redhead, right off the bat. Actually, he wasn’t bad looking. In fact, he looked probably the most normal of anyone else he’d seen there before. He wore sneakers, blue jeans, and a blue tee with a band logo on it; one he’d heard of but not listened to before. He was pale, but had a blush to his cheeks. His straight brown hair was longer, almost to his jawline, which was squared and strong. His eyes…Cid couldn’t tell the color yet, but he felt an odd desire to find out what it was.

A hand jutted out by his side. “I’m Barry.”

Cid regarded the hand as if it were a foreign object. Who the hell shakes hands in college besides the professors?

“Uh, hi,” he answered back and stared at the offered hand. “You shake hands with everyone you meet?”

Barry cocked a brow. “Well, yeah. I’m a business major. They always tell us a good handshake is key.”

A business student. Interesting.

Not wanting to overthink it and leave the guy hanging, Cid offered his hand back and they exchanged a good, firm handshake.

“Nice,” Barry replied.

“Huh?” Cid asked, his cheeks flushed.

“Handshake. You have a really good one.”

“Oh.” He nearly choked. “Thanks. So do you.”

“Thanks.” Barry smiled at him. “So, what’s your name? I told you mine.”

Oy. Cid felt his cheeks flame. “Cid.” Contrite and true at the same time.

“Cool.” Barry replied.

“Yeah, I thought so,” Cid quipped.






A lover of words and writing since they entered my life as a young child. Now a devout lover of men (especially late teen, college and mature men) to write their stories.

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    1. Dear Barry 🙂
      I love offering handshakes too, all these years of working in corporate world. 🙂


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