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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2

31-day blog challengeOK let’s see how consistent I am with this 🙂 I may ‘schedule’ posts for the first time in forever.

Day 2: 20 Facts About Me


This should be interesting as I am fairly private. Ok private-ish. LOL

  1. I am human
  2. I am female
  3. I love cats
  4. I have been married twice (2nd one much better so far, >year)
  5. I have two college degrees
  6. I don’t mind public speaking
  7. I like to knit
  8. I like to paint
  9. I love to game (Sims)
  10. I was born in another state besides the one I live in now
  11. The majority of my family is male
  12. I am taller than average
  13. My hair color is not my natural color
  14. My eyes change with the weather
  15. I dislike the midwest
  16. I am a Jane of all trades (not a bad thing)
  17. I used to figure skate
  18. I find the corporate world nauseating
  19. I miss mountains
  20. I want to write 100 books at least in my lifetime (so far at 30)


A lover of words and writing since they entered my life as a young child. Now a devout lover of men (especially late teen, college and mature men) to write their stories.

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