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Due May 25th: Coming Together; Ice Fairy 3

Ice Fairy 3

With Olympic Gold in his possession, Sam is the newest darling of the skating world. Brett does his best to be supportive but the brighter the light shines on his boyfriend; the more he is left in the shadows. Cracks appear and the relationship begins to break down.
Their friends try their best to assist however they can. Their advice and support is crucial when Brett suspects Sam’s creepy agent is up to no good; and even more so when a dastardly plot by Sam’s own father is uncovered.
Can this couple finally come to terms with fame and find the peace they crave? An offer by Ryan and Caleb might provide the answers they seek…if they’re brave enough to take a leap of faith.
Is it too late for Brett and his precious Ice Fairy or can they come together?

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Slowed to a Crawl…

Hmm, let’s see. The calendar says Spring. The weather say..not yet. Oh wait, for a few days, but then I’ll change my mind. Mommy Nature seems like she’s going through ‘the change’. LOL

My own life is going through changes, just not fast enough for my liking.

Job hunting is the WORST. Seriously. In the olden days (cue the covered wagons) you’d find a job listing, send a resume, they’d call, you’d interview maybe one or two people, and know by a couple of days.

Even better was temping. You’d sign up with them, call in as ready, and usually every Friday I’d get a call that said you start such n such gig on Monday. No interviews, no drug tests, no anything extraneous.

It was a seller’s market.

Now? It’s a buyers market…the buyer being the employer.

I think technology has made us all yearn for things to be faster, to move along quicker, or just pick up the pace. It has, to some extent…but not in the right ways.

Things in ‘social media’ have become scarier by the day and job hunting has become more impersonable by the minute. Soon, we really will have AI scanning resumes to see if this human is a good match. Take people out of the equation all together.

I have a small rant about recruiters in general, but it’s not their fault. They do what they’re told, to meet a quota on sales. While we’re on quotas…oh. Don’t get me started. I don’t check enough boxes to matter.

Sighhh I know this is half rant and half mindless, I’m tired, middle-aged, and worn down by the new ‘process’ and the ‘system’. I’m an author, a writer since childhood. That is my love…I write for the love of writing. If I make a $1 or a million $$$ I’m happy someone read my stories…a bonus if they leave a lovely review.

Bottomline? I’m not even sure. I’m just slowed to a crawl.

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Book Review: Ranch Hands by S. L. Danielson

Thank you Sid!

Sid Love

818M+29x-SL__SL1500_Reviewer: Sid Love

Warning: This review may contain spoilers.

Summary: Sid’s in serious trouble; he’s rapidly sinking into a pit of despair, with no way out. His farm is failing, his lover left him high and dry a year ago without a word, and the note on the farm is six months overdue.
Desparate times breed desparate measures. Sid is forced to do what he’d vowed he’d never do again-he takes on a live-in hired hand to help him work the land and bring it back to life. Will Roger be the answer to Sid’s problems, or will he leave Sid high and dry too?

Review: I have read works of this author before (Read Book Review: Love By The Numbers by S.L. Danielson) and I must say this is many times better than her other works. In Ranch Hands, her writing has matured and character development is…

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Book Review: Love by the Numbers by S.L. Danielson

Thank you, Sid!

Sid Love


Most of the M/M novels that I have read so far have one thing in common. The main characters and their potential love interests are described with chiseled jaws, skinny build, or the abs to die for. They are the men who are described as ‘hot’ and even readers drool at the image that they get in their minds. But is it really always the perfect men that can have an equally perfect love story?

S.L. Danielson breaks this overly used formula and shows us that even an average guy can find his true love.

And that is why I believe, LBTN is not just a story of friendship and love, but the story of dreams that do come true.

7049360Scott Williams is overweight and a social outcast, while Jared Adamson is perfect. The protagonists come together when the math teacher asks Scott to…

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This is becoming crazy. To the extreme. It’s been over a month now that I’ve had to wear my oh-so-unfashionable splint day and night.

I’ve had it off for brief periods, but that is quickly, and obviously, the wrong decision.


Why??? Why oh why can’t I type and do my regular work? Writing is a pain with this on (painful right now, but I power through).  Carpal tunnel syndrome, the bane of my life since 18 years old. 😦

What other methods are there to cope or get this to finally heal? It’s not as severe as it was, but wow is it taking a short eternity to heal. At least an epoch or two.

Accupuncture? $1,200 will fix that right up.

Pain meds? My liver is not a fan

Exercises? I do a little, but it just hurts to do even that.

Open to other suggestions 🙂


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Reviews! 4 stars each for the Ice Fairy books :)

I’m very excited to share two reviews I received for Ice Fairy 1 and 2: 

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Gen X squeezed to death   

Holy cow….I was thinking just today how badly Gen X (MY generation) has it. It isn’t my imagination at all. 😦  Sadly.

While I don’t have kids, I DO have aging parents and a ton of student loan debt. Sighhh. Will things pick up for the sandwich generation?