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The black and white of it all…interracial dating

Dating someone of another race used to be (and still can be) a very touchy subject!
My personal experience is that of someone who has never dated outside my own race…religion, yes, but not race.
That said, I do know of several others who have and I know for some things go very smoothly (no family issues, etc.) But for others…dating outside your race causes friction from the very beginning and it never seems to stop.
This most comes into play when there are children involved. Which side do they most look like? Where will they fit in? If one side is not accepting of mixed race children, that amps it up even more.
The Ice Fairy series was a first for me in that it deals with a white boy and an Asian (Japanese) boy falling in love. One side is very understanding, the other is not; causing issues from the outset. 
What has been your experience with inter-racial dating?  Is it a bed of roses or a patch of thorns?