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Crazy Town

LOL…I love that suggestion; humor gets us all through the day sometimes.

Life is a little odd right now; I became unemployed three weeks ago and have been looking for a new gig ever since. The market here in STL is tough!!! But I hope to find something soon or start to price out cardboard boxes to make a shack from.

But as always, there is good news! Boy kitty, Jack, is doing so much better. Six months ago it seemed like he was just a breath away from leaving us for the great big catnip buffet in the sky. Luckily, that is not true at all anymore. His back paws are not bugging him anymore so he can jump and clamor up the steps again and play! His insulin shots are not his favorite, we hate giving them to him too; but they have helped save his far too young life. (He’s only 10).

So, we feel very blessed to still have our little guy around and our little girl too, who is 14 and as rowdy as ever. Daytime you cannot tell; but nighttime she’s as rambunctious as ever.

Other than that; I’ve left school and have decided to punt accounting entirely. Writing is my love, not numbers. I’ve also gotten back to drawing and painting too. I’ll take some pics sometime of my old works vs the new…all I’m asking is for you to please be kind. It’s been decades since I’ve created anything of the sort…

Writing isn’t coming easy nowadays; despite dozens of wip’s…but I think once I know I have an income again, I’ll feel safer and able to stop worrying.

And on that note…on this Memorial Day and remembering my family members who served our country and thanking them for their contributions to help keep us free.