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Sweet baby boy

Hello! This won’t be a post about my books or works in progress…it’s about something dearer to my heart; my cat. Jack.

Jack has always been a big eater and when he lost weight we thought we had a triumph! Instead…we nearly had tragedy.

Two weeks ago Jack was diagnosed with diabetes. His glucose level was over 500 and if he were a human he would’ve been in shock! This of course bowled us over and we jumped into action.

We had to change everything from his dry food (not cutting it) to all wet food, protein-rich, and of course, the shots. Yipe! The shots are what I feared the most. But we are committed to this young, kitty life. He’s not even 10 years old yet and has lots of life left in him for sure.

Therefore, we got everything from the insulin, the syringes, the food, and I bought him at least a couple of new toys to take his mind of the nasty prick two times a day. He takes the evening shot far better than the morning one for sure. LOL

Luckily, I’d found a site that spelled out everything for diabetic cats, what to expect, what to look for, and support for the pet parents out there who feel horrible that they can’t do more.

I implore anyone that has a fat cat to really be aware they will likely become diabetic and to get their weight down (or better yet keep it from happening in the 1st place). Your pet and you will be far, far happier in the long run.

To end on a positive note, Jack’s sugar was checked again last Wednesday and had come down (after only 4 shots) to 341…not great, but not the horribly high mark it was. (ideal is 100-200). He has a ways to go, but at least it’s working! His weight has come up a little, he got too small. 14-15 lbs is perfect for his frame and he’s at 14.2 right now.

Take care of kitty…they only have so long.



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2 thoughts on “Sweet baby boy

  1. I was so, so sorry to hear about your kitty troubles. I know how committed you are to your furry babies. I'm very glad Jack is responding to treatment. I know it's not easy for you to take care of Jack and that giving shots is not much better than getting them.

    You've forgotten to mention, too, the cost, in time and medical bills. (insulin is not cheap, which is disgusting given it's a life saver), not to mention in worry and grey hairs.

    I have total admiration for your dedication and how seriously you take your responsibility to your little charges. If only all pet owners were as responsible.

    I hope Jack will continue to improve and that you all have a very good Christmas


  2. Thank you! He's doing better now and responding to the insulin. Had a scare yesterday morning when he got sick, but he ate again (baby food) and all was well.

    The cost is ridiculous…esp the insulin! But it's the best stuff out there but it runs about $190 a vial. But he's worth every cent. Plus the vet bills, etc.

    He is my baby boy and I'm grateful for the support I get. Some have wondered why we keep him…I cannot imagine giving up a sick cat unless he couldn't function at all anymore. He clearly is and is stabilizing.

    Thank you, Nephy! Have a great Christmas!



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