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Happy Thanksgiving!

Ah yes, the famed “Turkey Day” a/k/a the day before Black Friday, or a day off work (unless you’re in retail, sadly)… or just a day to kick back in a recliner after consuming a week’s worth of calories and watch football.

I will admit, this year Thanksgiving doesn’t mean as much to me and my family as it did; given that we’ve just had a death in the family (father-in-law)… no one is in that holiday mood per se; and I don’t blame them.

Still; it is an opportunity to take stock of what we should be grateful for; life. We are here and alive and mostly healthy (cough, cough):) But we are grateful for having known him and shared in his life, up until the very end. We will never forget everything he did for us.

I am extremely blessed to still have both of my parents, and that they are healthy and thankful that I can be with them this day.

I wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving and pray that everyone takes a step back from the sales ads and takes stock for what truly matters in life.