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Time to breathe?

Hello! Steph here… trying to grasp that tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Hard to swallow for sure, since it seems to have eluded me. So, akin to my bretheren who stalk the malls at the 11th hour, I must brave the store and bank tomorrow in order to be prepared. Fun! At least it’ll be over with and finished 🙂

I’ve overbooked myself completely…with my schedule of working, school, skating, writing, being a business owner (my latest addition) plus the whole wife and cat mom thing…I need to sit back and relax more often. I contribute it to hitting midlife and wanting to do things while I still can. So many of my family and friends are about my age but their physical ailments keep them from living life the way they want to. This translates to me as carpe diem! Seize the day! Do what I can while I can….

In other news, the huge project Julie and I started in May (which has since produced 4 novels with more to come) called the Mark of Love. We hoped to find out a yes or no today, but we’ll just wait out the holidays and hope to hear then. 🙂 Cross your fingers! It’s a terrific series… one which has tugged at our own heartstrings…

My new business is up and running, Romance First Publishing! Within a month I should have two more authors added, with two more in the wings… I have submissions coming in, which is wonderful! In the new year I am starting a website and hope to attend conventions as well. Currently, I am open to subs… so check out my page for all the details.

That’s about it for now…trying to stay active, focused, and on track. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Steph (S. L.) Danielson

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Ah the holidaze….

Misspelled intentionally to accentuate the absolute frenzy people go into this time of year! This will be another year where presents are scarce and jobs/life are uncertain for me and mine, but at least we have each other and are together. Adversity can drive people apart or push them closer together. I am blessed to have my husband, my ‘kids’, my parents, my friends, and loyal fans. I’m also happy just to be working at not only my new biz, but also my 9-to-5.

I wax nostalgic tonight due to this being the five-year anniversary of my mother-in-law’s death. She’s lost her battle with lung cancer that had migrated to her brain. It was awful to watch a once vibrant woman go down so fast and die within months of her final doctor visit. She was a true character and a dear friend.

Otherwise, my days are so full of work, I don’t reflect as often as I should… so I am taking the time now. May this week be a fair site better than the last one… and press on.