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Settled in, now it’s decision time

Whew…finally moved in and pretty well settled down. This place is far better than where we were; despite it’s distance from my workplace…but there are pluses and minuses to everything.

Things are shifting once again, and it is decision time…especially on a book myself and a dear friend of mine conjured up nearly five years ago. It has to get off the drawing board sometime; and I’m afraid I’m going to have to take the reins on it.

I don’t want to have to do it, but the situation is forcing my hand. My co-author is too ill to be able to continue to try to help me at all. I hear from him perhaps once in a blue moon at this point and anybody who knows my style at all knows I like to move a lot quicker than that. This has yet to even be beta’d by anyone and it’s nearly 300 pages long!

So, today I’m lowering the boom on him…if just to tap his head. I’m taking control of it, but will never undermine his involvement, he’s written some wonderful sections, which I’ve left untouched I like them so much. Problem is, it was only a few chapters. After that his health deteriorated.

I’m also taking the reins on another book (my mystery book) written by my alter-persona, Mae.
This has been shelved for far too long, but only yesterday did I get the idea (thanks Julie)! to perhaps write it in first person. What do you think? That way it’s easier to keep a mysterious person/suspect even more mysterious, wouldn’t you think so?

It’s shaping up to be a nice Sunday so far, after the hellacious storms last night. I’m shocked we don’t have tree branches down everywhere, but there is a lot of standing water. Watch out for mosquitos!

Going to chat with co-author…wish me luck!

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Moving…and other news

The last couple of weeks I’ve not been around much due to a move we just embarked upon. This was certainly not a surprise move; we’d been eyeing the possibility of exit for the entire time we were at the other place.
The move itself was a complete circus, full of missing helpers, old helpers, too-young-not-paying-attention-broke-our-grill helpers, and of course, taxiing the cats back to our new place.
Moving 30 totes into the garage was exciting enough (mostly because they were all unlabeled…making knowing their contents extra fun), but the super-sized sofa we just HAD to get and an enormous dresser we’ve had for over a decade made it extra exciting for the movers.

For four days after this ‘fun’, my legs killed me, I felt sick, and generally couldn’t move very well. I went in to work on that following Monday and went home ill due to fatigue and overwhelming soreness. Oy, I should’ve gone for the wine to maybe soothe the agony.

We’ve met our neighbors this time around, actual NICE people! I love that! No one above our heads with stomping, hedonistic children either. ahhhhhhhhh

Now, 1 week, 2 days later…we’re moved in, the cats are happy in their spots, and life is returning to ‘normal’, save for the new longer commute to work for me. Oh well…I knew that’d be the case…

As for writing…working on a WIP, a YA about two georgia teens. I love it to death so far…we’re about 80 pages in. My co-author is Julie Hayes, this is our 2nd collaboration.

In other news, Life After Math just hit paperback on Silver.

and finally…

Ranch Hands triumphantly returns on August 26th from Wicked Nights. Hot new cover, same great story (just with a publisher this time, not on my own)! 🙂

Happy Reading!

Steph L. Danielson

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Coming in early 2012….

After 20 years of writing, transcribing, writer’s block, and waiting…I draw closer to finally publishing the words of my youth; rather, the characters from that time.

If everything goes well, then the stories from my ‘first’ novel about a town named New Malin and her dozens of residents will be seen starting in January, 2012.

I started this ‘town’ when I was 13 years old and stopped when the year turned 2006. (in my 30’s)…at it’s height it had swelled to 200 characters, and countless hours spent writing and drawing out stories. It dominated my teen and young adult years until I met my husband in 1997…then slowed a bit.

The core family is a large one, a widowed mother and her seven children; six of whom are adults. The eldest male, named Adam, is the newly-elected mayor of the town, taking the position vacated by his father’s untimely death. He is newly married, with a child on the way, but his heart is not solely devoted to her (or women)….

A tall, handsome stranger named Mike enters the town from a neighboring village and introduces himself to the Mayor. The sparks are subtle at first, but are too real to be denied. (despite efforts on both their parts).

The tale evolves from these humble beginnings….