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Family confrontation on Easter…

Exhaustion. I am completely whipped…from running errands and from dealing with drama on both family sides…most especially an episode that happened to me yesterday at my parent’s home.
I’d like to share (without names to protect the closed-minded party and my relatives).

I arrived there solo, (had to make a trip back to get food I forgot to bring) and found my Uncle and Aunt there. Now…a little background on him. He’s extremely biggoted and old-fashioned to the nth degree. He’s also up in years and very staunchly conservative.
That said…for some reason it got back to him about what I wrote. Needless to say he was not pleased. He decided to ask me in his booming voice why I write what I write. I looked over and saw younger family members already at the table and shushed him.
He glared at me for daring to shush him! (that’s how this guy is). He proceeded to ask me again why I write that (and he didn’t have to say “garbage” out loud, I heard it in his tone.)
I told him it was a long story. That was all I wanted to tell him; he didn’t deserve to know why!
He pressed me further and I told him it was on a dare. (figured a dare to myself counted, right)?
I told him I write mainstream too, just to sway the subject away. He asked what mainstream was…and I had to hold back a smarmy answer such as “not you”! Instead I told him it was what bookstores carry. That sated him. He backed off. He and my Aunt left after that and I was never happier to see him leave in my life!

What do you think of how I handled the situation?


A lover of words and writing since they entered my life as a young child. Now a devout lover of men (especially late teen, college and mature men) to write their stories.

4 thoughts on “Family confrontation on Easter…

  1. Oh my. I think it is really hard to deal with that kind of confrontation and you did a good job keeping your cool.

    It was NOT cool that he decided he wanted to talk to you about it in front of an age inappropriate audience.

    Was the rest of your family supportive or just quietly embarrassed of the whole thing?

    No matter, just know we support you here. 😀


  2. My family remained quiet during the whole thing…but I did put my arm around my Dad and asked him “WHY did you tell him?”

    My Dad is trying to sell more of my books (even though he doesn't like them, but $ is $).


  3. That's what I hate, when people who should support you don't.

    People shouldn't have to give in to someone just cause it's easier. He's not too old to hear the truth, that he should just shut the fuck up if he doesn't like it.


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