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Hello, everyone!

This last week has just been too exciting for me; as in nothing has really gotten done…but everything felt larger-than-life.

Let’s review the week that I had: Last Saturday was terrific! Life After Math came out; things were going great!
Then…Sunday was tolerable…but then.
The work week began.

I have a day job that’s into it’s 5th week next week…I like it; it’s a pretty good gig; in my field (sorta). The only major problem is that I’m accustomed to writing a little bit every day, but at this place I don’t get a chance to; which builds up the angst a bit. Any ideas I have are lost in a sea of lunchtime conversations from coworkers…

The really depressing item for us is that we are trying (emphasis on trying) to buy a car. Now…anyone with a normal life nowadays is having trouble buying anything at all…much less a vehicle. Alas, it is necessary though, since my husband will be needing to drive himself to a new job….

Wow…what a can of worms! We got sucked into a world of credit applications, sleezy finance guys, etc…and a “nope, sorry. can’t help you.” OR worse….extinction (psycho talk for no response at all). Despite my polite messages…they never called back.

This wore on me worse than anything; plus the countless trips to the computer as hubby pulled up car after car…what about this one? this one? this one? omg!!! Leave me alone! Thursday night I about lost it and was so frazzled I had to have some wine to at least attempt to relax. It worked…but my schoolwork suffered for it. Don’t remember too much about it…may have to reread that chapter. LOL

It didn’t help things either that we called my once wise father over for advice and he was just as stymied as we were and he steered the discussion into his own situation. Oy! He stayed an hour, and that was that. Nothing gained or solved.

Tomorrow is my last straw; literally. It’s a bit loan sharkish with the interest rates they’ll charge, but we have to do it anyway. Oy….the things we do for jobs, eh?

Writing has suffered completely; as in none…zip, zilch the past 10 days.

My only solace is a quick game of Zuma (which usually gets interrupted anyway by a human or a cat)….

I wish for two solid hours of writing ALONE and silent….and for everything to go smoothly…after this week, is that too much to ask? I don’t think so….wish me luck!!

Thank you for reading my rant…



A lover of words and writing since they entered my life as a young child. Now a devout lover of men (especially late teen, college and mature men) to write their stories.

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