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Spreading my wings a bit…

Hello, all!

I’ll be guest-blogging at several sites beginning tomorrow, yay! I’m so excited!

I’m also stoked at finding 3 of my 5 books on Barnes & Noble nookbooks site; under name Stephanie Danielson (only 1 is under S. L.).

Looking forward to visitors from all over and being seen on different sites to benefit both the host(ess) and myself!

Here is one the first: Louisa Brown’s site:


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A Chat with The Sons of Eros

by guest blogger: Remmy Duchene!

*waves* Hello, my name is Remmy Duchene and yes, I write Gay romance and erotica. But not just ANY gay romance and erotica, nope. I write interracial gay romance and erotica. I am so glad SL Danielson agreed to let me blog here! Today, I aim to have some fun. I feel like the new year should start out on something funny or if not funny at least an attempt at being funny. The characters to follow are ones from a new series I am attempting at developing in the coming year. I am hoping for it to be romantic and erotic all wrapped into three novellas.

Blurb for SONS of EROS Series:

Savaro, Rajan and Laird are all from different cultures but they have life in common. As teenagers they were deem un-adoptable because they were teenagers and gay. But one wealthy man adopted them, raised them as his own and now these three brothers are all grown up. Wealthy, sexy and scared.

Who has the guts and stamina to save them?


Remmy: Seriously guys, you have to keep it down in there! I am TRYING to take a writing break and you bickering amongst each other–so not helping.

Savaro: Yeah…keep it down guys.

Rajan: I think he was talking to all of us, YOU included Savaro.

Savaro: *growls*

Laird: He’s not talking to me. I didn’t say a thing…damn it! Until now. Sheesh. you jerks cause a rukus everywhere you go.

Remmy: *heads desk* okay. This is not going to end well, is it?

Laird: Sorry about that, Rem. It’s just, you wrote our story ideas weeks ago and you haven’t even opened that shinny new laptop to write it. What gives?

Remmy: I am on a break, remember? I’m trying to clear my head so that once I start Savaro’s story I’ll be clear…I mean I have to make sure I can write things really really well you know.

Rajan: *chuckles* yeah like how big Sav’s ass is.

Savaro: *smacks Rajan then turns to look at his ass over one shoulder* my ass isn’t big!

Rajan: HEY! Cut that out! You made me spill my coffee!

Remmy: Knock it off you two or I…wait a minute…who gave Rajan coffee?? *grabs coffee as Rajan tries to drink* We all know how hyper he gets after drinking this stuff!

Laird: don’t look at me. I’m not that crazy

Remmy: *sighs and toss coffee cup for a three point shot at garbage*

Laird: About our stories?

Remmy: Well, I’ll start writing them in three days okay? Can I please go on vacation first and rest? And besides, you guys aren’t the only three I have to write for you know.

Savaro: *still looking at his ass* I don’t have a big ass! Besides, the juicer the booty…

Rajan: *falls to ground laughing*

Laird: *shaking head.* How am I related to you three? Can you tell me that? Look Rem, we will give you a break but could you at least write my story first? These two are embarrassing!

Savaro: No no, I’m the oldest! I get my hottie first.

Remmy: That has nothing to do with…

Rajan: *interrupts* didn’t we draw straws? I could have been drunk when it happened but I’m pretty sure we did draw straws. You can’t just go back on the straw. Laird, you drew the short one so you go last.

Laird: Damn it! Rem you are now my only hope to give these two some class….maybe once they start getting laid….

Rajan: Speaking of getting laid…Laird…when was the last time you got laid?

Savaro: *covers ears* that is WAY too much information. Keep that kinda shit to yourself.

Laird: What are you? Six?

Remmy: *smirks* when was the last time you got laid, Laird?

Laird: Et tu, Remmy? Et tu?

Savaro:* Laughing so hard tears flows down his face*

Rajan *in a James Bond voice*: You can call me Starter, Shit Starter. *blows on imaginery gun* My work here is done.

Laird: I know where you live.

Rajan: ooooOoooo so scared!

Savaro: You’re gonna write our story first, right? Because I was having a little conversation with Captain Draven from KING COBRAS.

Remmy: Stop talking to the other characters. The good Captain knows his stories comes after yours.

Savaro: You can’t blame a guy for trying…any chance on getting the captian over in our story–and by ours I mean mine? Cuz he’s one fine piece of…

Remmy: Down boy!

Laird: The man’s fine. Okay? I’d do him!

Rajan: you’d do anyone with a pulse!

Laird: I resent that!

Savaro: I meant to ask, the hell kind of name is Laird anyways?

Laird: It’s British, I think. Could be Scottish, I dont know.

Rajan: *opens his computer*

Savaro: Funny, you don’t look Scottish. I would think more of British or Irish…*shrugs* Strange name though.

Laird: What about you? Where does Savaro come from?

Rajan: Laird, pronounced Lay-rd…from Scottish and Middle English descent.

Savaro: Erm…*scratches head* what?

Rajan: you were asking where the name Laird came from, right? Well, its from the Middle English term for landlord and in Scottish it means Lord.

Laird* rushes to peer at the computer screen*: Way cool!

Savaro: What about mine?

Rajan: *types* erm…let’s see. Your name is Italian, a variation of Savero…but it doesn’t have a meaning…

Savaro: *walks back to coffeemaker* Figures. Leave it to my parents not to spend time finding a name with a damn meaning.

Laird: Don’t hold it against them Sav. Just, we have George now and he’s our father. So, try forgetting everything before him.

Rajan: Easy for you to say. Your name means something. Your parents actually took the time to find a name that means something and something good.

Savaro: What about yours, Raj?

Rajan: *typing again* Let’s see. It’s from Hindu and Sanskrit meaning King…Don’t put too much stock in it. Parents these days don’t really look into name meanings. I find they just pick a name that sounds nice and give it to the kid.

Laird: Yeah…*pats Savaro on the shoulder and grabs an apple* So don’t even worry about it.

Remmy: Look guys, the names mean something, really. I love names and Rajan is a variation of Raja that means king. Laird, is from this REALLY hot tv show host that I saw a few years ago in this reality show. He had the most amazing blue eyes and these lips that just….

Savaro: Everyone duck! Remmy’s about to explode!!!!

Rajan: *shifts neck like Quagmire* Gi-gi-dy!

Laird: Pervert!

Remmy: But guys seriously, your names are from the sexiest men I’ve ever had the chance to see or meet. So stop freaking out. Seriously guys, a little quiet in my own head?

Savaro: sorry, our bad. Listen, we’re gonna go…shampoo the cat.

*Cat bolts through room and dives out window*

Rajan: *palms head* you can’t say that around the c-a-t!

Savaro: *rushes over to stare out window*

Laird: He’ll learn eventually.

Ichi Ai!
Gay Romance Author
Remmy Duchene

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Happy New Year!

Wow, 2011 is finally here! I must say I’m looking forward to seeing what unfolds for this fresh set of 365 days.

The previous year was good and brought my first taste of success to me and I am forever grateful! I wrote 5 books within that span, worked 3 jobs, (at different times), started graduate school, moved, and dealt with life overall. Not a bad lot in all I’d say.

So far in this year, I have no job (but am ardently searching), I have a new book out in March (with a contracted publisher again)!, we want to move very badly (awful place we live in, wish we’d never signed awful)…and have gotten further into both schooling (near my 3rd semester) and have also picked up a hobby again that I’d left due to medical issues 5 1/2 years ago. I’ve never been happier to get back to strapping on ice skates!

I didn’t make any resolutions; I never do. I am still in survival mode which doesn’t leave room for things like that. I’m still broke, living on the temp assignment wages I can find, and driving the same car I’ve had for over 5 years. I’m thinking of learning to can items and grow my own.

Well, that’s it for me, how about you? Did you or do you make any resolutions? What were they? Do you generally keep them or do they slip away after a week or two?

If anything; I have goals. Job, house, move, car, skate, school, dance, done.

Happy new year!!!

S. L. Danielson, Author